Women’s dreams with a love of soap opera?

To end this analysis that we are doing on the soap operas and their influence on the formation of meaning in our societies, that indeed most still are dominated under the parameters of machismo, and its consequence in the wrong idealization of love by women, especially younger.

Let us not forget, for example, of those stories in which the gallant ends a discussion shutout a sound slapped protagonist of question time, or to this very unfortunate, raped by Heartthrob who, later, became the Prince charming to the volley of the misery of the area exploited by the Patriarch of the day.

«Everything can do women, supports it all, everything is suffering». «You parirás with pain.» Suffering, pain, suffering, pain, suffering, but has not experienced woman! Only need to add that the suffering is innate in women.

Soap operas go through our lives, because they are novel lives. They just expect justice and recognition. From there the magic attraction novelera follow attentive to the melodramatic stories that returns a little bit of hope. Hope that shakes the memory, collaborates with the oblivion front abuse of a society that discriminates, expels, orders, sanctions and submit.

But… does not it is time to rethink if this us not away more and more of our true counter-intuitive horizon, as social beings thinking?

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