Why Your Ex-Wife or Girlfriend Hates You And What You Can Do About It

Your Ex-Wife or Girlfriend Hates YouKnowing why your girlfriend or girlfriend began to behave strangely, even to levels of hating you, is fundamental if you want to play it for recovering.

Many men want to know «already» the techniques or phrases to regain their former girlfriends or wives, and what is really important is that they first UNDERSTAND what happened and what is the root of the crisis of the relationship.

Only in this way can things be solved so that the future of the relationship is healthy and it is built on solid foundations.

Some men who manage to recover their women using the techniques I explain in this Blog a few weeks after returning with them tell me that the relationship has returned to fall into crisis and that «this time is forever.»

Well, that just happens because they did not focus on seeing at first WHY their girlfriends or wives began to feel this rejection for them.

Why does my ex-girlfriend or wife hate me? What can I do to change my mind?

why your ex hates you The real reason why your ex partner did not RESPECT you enough to stay with you (no matter how much she has loved you in a moment or even continue to have feelings for you) is something I call » the security complex «.

You see, women to REALLY fall in love with a man and want to be with him for the rest of their lives need to feel that the man is Dominant, who is in charge of the situation and who will keep her (and her children) cared for and safe , no matter what happens.

Note these 2 concepts: Dominant and Security.

So it was in the caveman, that’s how it was in the 21st century.

1) It is one of the reasons why, for example, women get excited when they see a man fight physically for them.

2) It is also one of the reasons why women are often attracted to «the bad boy» instead of the «good guy» who will do everything they say without imposing their opinion.

3) And finally, it is one of the reasons why your girlfriend or wife got bored with the relationship they had together, when I saw you sitting on your couch playing in front of the TV, going out with friends and doing all the little things that got into the brain of your ex and convinced him that at that time you were not the man she wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

(And the most anecdotal of all this is that probably your ex-girlfriend or wife did NOT know that this was happening in their brain, because it occurs unconsciously, therefore, perhaps she invented other reasons to explain why they could not be together, Is it?).

So the question is …

How do I show you that I am a man she deserves? How do I stop my ex from hating me?

The first thing I will tell you is that this is achieved by NOT hiding in your room and crying because of the breakdown of your relationship. Nor is it achieved by sending long e-mails with texts of apologies.

You get it only one way -> Being untouchable.

Let me explain: if you really want your ex back crawling into your arms and feel that level of attraction towards you that you felt when you started the relationship, you have to make him see that you are NOT annoyed at the end of the relationship.

You have to make him see that you «got over it» (even though inside you are not even close to overcoming it …).

You have to plant a seed in your mind that makes you believe that you made a mistake at the end of the relationship, and that when you get back together you will be the man she expects you to be.

* Do not ask him where he wants to go to eat… tell him where you will take it.

* Do not ask for forgiveness for everything, let him know that you are passionate and sometimes «your hand goes away».

* When you speak, others listen.

* Smile and laugh only when you have to smile, be serious in times when you have to be serious.

* Work on your body language, stand erect, get your hands out of your pockets, avoid crossing your arms, when you walk, always look at the horizon and crouch your chin.

* Realize that you are more attractive than you think, all you need is to believe and feel it.

* But do not get me wrong, do not be a jerk, treat it well and gently, but you are in charge of the situation.

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