Why Silence After A Break Is Good?

Why Silence After A Break

When you say «break» I mean any instance or situation in which a man tells you clearly that is no longer interested in a romantic or intimate relationship with you:

Does not call you after the first date, disappears after sex, or ending the relationship explicitly. Regardless of what may have happened.

Benefits of silence after a breakup…

1. Le transmit the message that you are a woman of great courage. You show that you are a woman who is not needy or desperate – a type of woman who is independent and can live without it (because really you can do).

Many men love this kind of attitude. Although wear this kind of attitude is unlikely to get your ex, you will avoid any confirmation showing that your decision is wrong: you’re not the pathetic, needy and desperate woman he thinks you are.

2. We’re going to show what is going to lose. Your ex is going to experience life without you, after having a life with you (briefly, before and after the break).

At first, he will be experiencing life with you, then no. You will feel your absence and then you’re going to miss and eventually will want to come back to you. But, I repeat, the effect this will have, is not to increase your chances to get your ex back, however, in some cases it can work.

3. We will make you think about your options. Whenever you stay in touch with him, he will know that you can easily have you back in your life, and knowing that he will not feel any urgency to make that decision.

Open all communications and make it available it serves as a security blanket. Even if he did not convinced with his decision. He is getting on with his own life, and maybe wait until you clear about his feelings for you (in most cases never happens).

4. help. Although it is clear that you have no control over their decision to break up with you or leave you, something you can control, control what happens after he makes the decision. Remember, you are the only person who has the power to «enforce» the consequences of the decision.

If you cling to the hope that you’re going to recover, you are giving all the control and power. But if you leave without your company as soon as he says that there is nothing more between you two, you force him to live with the consequences of their own decision.

By doing this, you’re exercising your power. You take control of the interaction. Although this does not change the consequences of the situation, have a nice boost your self-esteem by encouraging and reinforcing your ego amid rejection.

You’re going to transform someone who is depressed and pathetic amidst the circumstances, someone who exercises influence and power over the outcome of the situation you have with your ex. This way, you will not sacrifice the chances of make again, and if increasing it.

5. We will doubt their options for the future. Perhaps, this is the most important mechanism to get back your ex, and you will be more powerful in terms of the length of your relationship with him … which in this case is ending.

Try to save your relationship means you need to keep in touch with him, and ultimately confirm his concept that can find someone better than you (which is their main reason for break). Keep communication open for a longer period will make you think he can get contacts with hottest girls.

In the perspective of a man all these thoughts and all these concepts cross your subconscious mind. And this has a great influence on the way he thinks. Text messages or calls sends signals that you are easily accessible. It makes you vulnerable to his eyes.

The remain «friends» with him still makes you think you have a mission to win him back. But if you interrupt it after breaking up, he will not know what you’re up to.

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