Why Does My Ex Ignores Me? A Question With Many Answers!

Why Does My Ex Ignores Me? A Question With Many Answers!After ending a relationship many people choose to ignore his former partner, that’s not something new or something you are only happening to you, it is a situation that many spend and has every reason to be.

If you constantly ask my ex I ignore Why me? You know that the reasons are many and only you can give a real answer to that question, but there are several common reasons among which may be the answer you are looking for.

Here we will introduce some of the most common reasons why the former begin to ignore their former partners and provide solutions to probably get that question constantly ails you.


As I mentioned earlier the reasons may be very various, but the most common is due to pride.

Both men and women after ending a relationship were wounded, is whether or not the fault rupture always left with a thorn, a somewhat hurts, bothers, many times we do not know how safe it is but it’s there.

This situation leads to a point of desperation that unconsciously is transformed into pride and that pride becomes like a shell, a protective system never to be hurt.

When you begin to feel that pride the person begins simply ignore your ex as a way not to make the same mistake and not allowed to fall back into the vicious circle in which maybe the relationship had become.

Other reasons.

However there are many more reasons why your ex can be ignored, for example that is often a tactic to be surprising, to prove to the ex-partner without it is not the same, that together was better.

What happens in this situation is that many people think that if they ignore their former partners in a short time they will return them or asking them to return no more ignore it, that strange and stuff.

Make it clear that this technique works, but not in all cases and that a large number of people tend to ignore their partners with intent to end idly by failing to demonstrate their love in time (they applied the technique to ignore more than they should).

As time your ex may be ignoring you for several reasons: because it definitely does not want anything to you again as already done enough damage, because it is very hurt and hurt after their relationship or simply because they are looking for you to realize the need to make you , how much love, how well spent together and the others.

To give a real answer to that question you should analyze your ex partner and see what happened, if you (a) know can adequately address this situation and provide a solution to this question does not let you rest easy (a).

How to get your ex back if you ignore?

It is very painful to lose your partner, but more painful is that after this break completely ignore you.

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