When your girlfriend does not want sex it can be…

negarse al sexo Cuando tu novia no quiere sexo puede ser por ...

When your girlfriend refuses to have sex, most of the times, this is something. Men must learn to understand women and read your subliminal messages for axial to understand us better. Take into account that our behaviors, sometimes unusual, is due in large part to our hormonal changes, which we promise we cannot control. While we are a little mandonas and peevish, but we do not for taking the time. I would like to clear some doubts, I mainly which means that your girlfriend does not want to have sex, and that you should think in this respect when was this situation.

The anger: be angry is probably the fact that most commonly women you «punish without sex». Men always you make in the same, do something wrong, and then after a while it happens to you and regresáis, you sentáis and you comportáis as if nothing had happened. Avoiding in this way, how badly that state your gesture towards us, you believe that we will forget. But you are far from the reality, by that women are a machine memory for this kind of thing and we shall not ask forgiveness, and we do some flattery, does not have our treasure.

Changing role: women’s history to been forced to be «submissive» or not, but if subjected to the whims of man sexually. Occasionally, and to some extent, this attitude of dominant male, may find it pleasant, but sometimes we want to «dominate you» us. By brute force cannot, because it is obvious that yours on happens in far from ours. Based on orders, you do not obedecéis or your MOM, by what would probably be a waste of time for us. This is our only way to dominate you, deny you the only thing we have that you always want sex.

Has a lover: this is certainly the less usual choice. And we remind you that you must have many more reasons to suspect, that your girlfriend this with another. But if ago time which does not want to have sex with you, and her notice rare, leaves more than usual, hides the phone, does not permit that you listen to your calls and endless more than unusual behaviors in ella… SUSPICION. Talk to her, ask her sincerity and we hope that you have the wrong friend.

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