When not is healing

Finishing the subject we are discussing, see the points that we lack to analyze.

Be flexible with us themselves. Set ourselves realistic levels of demand, rather than trying to make things perfect. Be lenient with ourselves when we make mistakes, learning from our mistakes rather than blame us.

Convince us that we need not do anything special to consider us valuable human beings. We are valuable and worthy of love and respect, by the mere fact of exist and do not need to do anything special to deserve it, beyond assume a minimum rules of coexistence and mutual respect.

In other words, we are not what we do – and much less what we have– and commit errors not makes us not automatically bad or unworthy people.

The most important thing is to learn the healing value of a small expression, but as effective and necessary, as a simple no; not only for you but also for the person you love and loves you.


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