What You Should Do To Win Back Lost Love?

Win Back Lost Love

Many people who ended a relationship wonder what they could do to win back an ex or ex.

I’ll try to be brief in the following tips, you should read it carefully.

What to do to recover a lost love.


1- Do not try to get your ex back now.

The first mistake you make is trying to get your ex back. The reason why this is wrong is that the kind of mentality that caused the couple end the relationship will lead the attack again. If it did not work before will not work now.

2- Go back to your identity.

The fact of being next to a person for a long time creates a kind of natural depersonalization in people, personality and habits to get in tune with your partner.

Now is the time to begin rehabilitation before any maneuver (re) conquest. Is necessary at this time can detoxify the relationship.

3. You should seek social support.

Do not try to get up without resorting to others, you may you to continue with the same closed thinking, deluded thoughts that caused the deterioration of the relationship. Avoid pessimistic tips.

If you seek the opinion of a friend is going to have a less confusing and mixed view, if the mother too, like a psychologist is another vision, like a beggar on the street is another. It may sound crazy, but this is the best way to avoid mistakes.

5. Do not rush, all in stride.

I know you think that the more time you spend away from your ex most likely going to have to lose the intimacy you both matters. But remember that it was this intimacy (perhaps excessive) that caused it. Time seems to be against you, but it is your advantage.

6. Understand that the relationship is over.

This term relationship, period, that simple. If another relationship will come and nobody knows whether it is a new, fresh perspectives, new vision and new habits echo. You must realize that this is very difficult to change and understand so little time.

7. Use time for things to settle down.

You must find new directions, try other things and do not feed unrealistic expectations. Give your energy a different way to be happy and cheerful. Compare the situation and let everyone continue.

8. Reflect on what was dysfunctional in the relationship.

Take some time (at least two months) and begins to reflect on what was dysfunctional in the relationship, creates a more peaceful outlook and learn all about your personality.

9. To recover a lost love analyzes the perspective of your former partner.

It is common to want to justify our lack of communication with our partner. We always say that the other is rarely a problem and asked us where we are failing us. So pay attention to the other’s perspective.

10. Do not you sink in guilt or blame.

After what happened analisar you must not sink into a sea of ​​guilt, after all, a relationship is always two. Both have to do with what did not work for immaturity, emotional blindness, selfishness or fear. The blame will not help you become a better person, only delays the process.

11- To recover a lost love not believe everything they said.

It is very common to hear and talk nonsense when a relationship ends, as if you were the only ultimate truth of everything. Chances are that both do not know what really motivated them to end the relationship.

It can be a simple escape, fear of intimacy, personal vanity and other smaller reasons that we can not even admit ourselves. What is said at the end is not usually true both for those who hear how for speakers.

12. Put aside the theories and acts.

Even after reaching conclusions thousand apparently real need them aside because all the theory does not work in practice. It’s just a script that guide you, we are interested in finding out the day to day with attentive and curious eyes, not many certainties of what will happen.

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