What To Do On The First Date? Cause a good impression

The first meeting is approaching and you only have doubts and questions about what to do on the first date. Try to relax and keep in mind some tips to face the first date.

1. Your first moment

The writers of «Being successful with women» 1, Ron Louis and David Copeland, propose some keys that are advisable to take into account at the time of a first appointment. These premises can be extrapolated to both sexes.

The first date is a special moment that can lead to nerves and extreme situations of anxiety, since both of you do not know each other personally even though you have spent time talking on an online dating platform. The best thing is to think about enjoying the moment and showing yourself as one is.

2. First contact

We recommend that the first encounter does not take you a lot of time. It is a first contact and, sometimes, first impressions can play tricks. The ideal time of a first appointment does not exceed 65 minutes. If you are having fun, it can also be a good time to finish the appointment. In this way, you will maintain the interest of the other person and she will be more willing to access a second appointment.

3. Where? In public places

The first meeting is recommended to do it in a neutral and quiet place, like a cafeteria. It is important that you both feel comfortable. «When you invite him to leave, you must have a site designed. Check that he or she knows the place where you will meet or give the necessary directions ».

When you think about what to do on the first date, try to discard plans such as going to dinner or the movies, which will benefit you in that the other person is not so focused on you. Avoid also very intimate places, such as a house, as this can intimidate the other person and make him reject the meeting. The same happens with the male sex.

4. Show interest in your appointment

Do not go to hang out or chat without any purpose, this may cause your appointment to think that you are not interested enough in a serious relationship. Try to play your part, show interest and try to seduce.

5. Prepare for your meeting

It is important that you think about some previous questions before answering the question of what to do on the first date. First, reflect on the type of person you will be with. If you take into account their tastes and hobbies, it will be easier for you to converse once you are there. Be prepared also in case you face an unwanted situation, the first encounters can be somewhat unstable.

6. Proposals on the first date

Louis and Copeland propose a series of tactics that can help make your appointment a resounding success. Among them, there are some interesting such as maintaining a romantic conversation, look into the eyes for a long time, make the other person laugh, get information about it or make a compliment.

Both verbal and non-verbal communication also plays an important role. «Someone interested in you, will look you in the face and in the eyes. If the situation is potentially sexual, it is likely that you also look at the body covertly, «says the writer of the book» The body language of relationships «2, David Cohen.

The opposite can also happen: «A person is not looking at you if the amount of time he takes to look at you is significantly less than the amount he spends looking at another site.»

The farewell, a magical moment

It is time to say goodbye, you know what to do on the first date, but if you are interested in a second, it is better to think of a plan and propose it when you say goodbye. If you accept, set a date and keep calling another day to specify the details of the meeting.

«It is better to stay with her, when she is in front of her, feeling the joy that the appointment has created». Remember that this applies to both men and women, so try to take advantage of the magic of the moment to arrange a second meeting.

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