What God has joined, which not what separe… does anyone?

By astonishing as it may seem, every 33 seconds breaking a marriage in the European Union. In 25 years there has been a 50% increase in the number of divorces increased. Why increasingly fewer couples are afraid to come to the altar and prefer, simply live together without other ties. The brave few who get married, substantially delaying the date of wedding:, married to an average age of 28.2 years old, while they nearly 30. Nothing to do with the past!

Southern Europeans, as well as being the most desired, are also those who divorce most: for example, in Portugal the divorce increased by 89% the past 25 years, followed by Italy with 62% and Spain with a 59%.

Many people wondered why is this such a high rate of divorces in Europe. Is it th

at these times are not conducive to marry? On the other hand, experts point to anthropological reasons anchored in the past, ensuring that it is a tradition as old as it was the race of Homo Sapiens. Their genetic inheritance shows as they were not prepared to maintain a relationship for life. Normally, a couple of four years, they had to have time to have and raise their children. They then sought new partners to follow procreando. According to experts, the fact of being in love today only involves a system of motivation by the brain, as well as a fundamental instinct of the human being.


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