Attract And Seduce Women

How To Use Touch To Attract And Seduce Women!

Attract And Seduce Women

To attract and seduce women and better understand this article tell you the following: men and women have important differences.

Here are some of those distinctions. We as men are mostly visual people.

That is, we attract what we see. Therefore, a beautiful woman can dramatically dilatarnos pupils.

Women, however, tend to be attracted by what they hear and what we do to feel (emotionally and physically), that is, they are more auditory and kinesthetic.

One of my personal beliefs to attract and seduce women is touch, as part of body language, it is essential to attract and seduce women.

I want you to know that when you go out with a girl, whatever you do, remember you have to play it somehow. I do not mean the touch of a morbid way but slight rubbing, touching her hand, her arm, embrace, something.

Do a «Gimme Five», say. Why do I say this? For girls, often they feel weird if you realize you want to conquer, but do not dare to touch them.

In other words, they do not give you the confidence you are looking for, or allow you to come into your intimate space. Touch, such as hugs, it is so common among people confidence that they expect to be given.

If not given, sometimes you get weird with each other. Did you past that? Look, when a woman you like is having a good time you can make this relationship in your unconscious mind while you play, «only a trusted person can touch me; he is a trustworthy person, therefore you can touch me. «

I’ll tell you, friend two anecdotes that happened to me recently about attracting and seducing women who exemplify my belief that touch is crucial to seduce girls.

In both cases, it was touch, that is, the way I played two girls which helped things between them and me were met.

In the first story I went on a double date: my cousin and his girlfriend, his girlfriend’s cousin and me. Quote cousins. We went to a bar of soft music and relaxed atmosphere. A very good site.

I liked the girl, started applying what I know about my feminine seduction (Seduction Guide). Before long there were very good harmony between the two. I noticed that she put a lot of attention and I smiled a lot.

I just had good eye contact and fun with a lively discussion. The course of the evening lightly touched her arm while making a comment, question or something similar.

What helped to come closer to me was that I said I wanted to read his hand. Do you think you know something about palmistry? In the least! Just I said what I already knew her as gently touched.

She obviously was laughing because he knew that he knew nothing about it. And closer to it, from time to time looked at his eyes and his lips.

A short time after this, I was kissing this girl and spent the night together. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now my second anecdote about attracting and seducing women. I met another girl and a night out for dinner. Then we decided to go to a nearby beach. I turned off the car. Similarly we had a super good time.

We talked about our lives, our dreams, fantasies and stuff. Similarly, as in the above quote, I started playing and stroking her hands. I made comments like, «You’ve got super cold hands».

And he mentioned that many women tend to have them as well. She said I had them hot and fondled me too. Suddenly, she looked at me and kissed me.

After a long time I confessed that I had kissed her because I had started because I had touched his hands. Among my, I said, «Sure, I know that touch is very powerful.»

You see Touch to attract and seduce women, in my opinion, it is the link that connects the verbal communication with nonverbal (body). Touch, as we have noticed, can take to roll the imagination and emotions of women.

It is what allows the attraction between two people instead be given. So I tell you, dear reader, always when you go out with a girl subtly touch it (at least initially).

I hope this article has helped you, if so, share it with your friends, please. Any comments or constructive suggestion is welcome.

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