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When you hear the words male psychology, it might seem like something you need a university degree to understand. But, it is really simple. To use male psychology to get your ex boyfriend back, you just need to know how men think. If they would only teach a course about it in school, women would not find men so hard to understand. What causes a lot of the problem after a breakup is that women expect their man to think the same as she does.
If you want to get your ex boyfriend back, you have to recognize the difference in the way he thinks. This might come as a surprise to you, but he expects you to try to get him back after a breakup. He is just waiting for you to call him so he can hang up on you. Your ex boyfriend wants to see you lose your dignity and come crying and begging him to love you again. This build his ego and makes him feel like a big man.
The reason he needs to build his ego is because most men are insecure. In fact inside that big macho guy, there still lives a small boy. He has to be constantly reassured that you love him. The breakup might have been the result of his feeling unappreciated. By making you beg him, he is reassured that you love him. But, begging him will not bring him back to you. The small boy inside of him will only become more rebellious when you beg him.
To get your ex boyfriend back, you have to make him think you do not want him anymore. If you ignore a small boy when he is having a tantrum, he will soon get over it. The same will happen with the man you love. Cut off all contact with him and act as if he does not exist and he will be the one that will soon be begging. Once you have him coming back to you, don't be too eager to take him back. If you do, he will keep acting like a small boy and run off to pout when something does not go his way.
Use some more male psychology and make him think he has lost you. Keep ignoring his attempts to make up with you for a while. Make him work to get back your love and he will appreciate you more. Always remember the small boy inside your man and you will never be confused by him again. Using male psychology on him from time to time will work like magic to keep him in line. Citation: H. L. Archer.

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