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True Love

Any woman likes to feel loved, want to feel warmth , security … feel special … and feel that she is the only woman for you , the only one who look, who would pay attention , caress , kiss … then you say little words … » I love you «… means you’re not communicating anything.

So what is it you’re communicating? …

» I am nothing without you. Always need you , you’re the center of my world , I need to drink water to live »

» That’s perfectly normal and perfectly natural» …

But you must have control of those feelings , or they’re going to control you … and that’s when things start to go wrong.

Imagine this …

… feels long passionate kiss , feeling the pressure of your lips against hers , the warmth of your soft warm body against his … you look deep into her eyes and at that moment you tell them … » I love you » … melts in your arms.

Lego , back to reality , and remember how you feel when you say the magic words .

Do you feel strong, powerful, in total control , like a real man … Or, you feel weak , submissive ?

At this point , everything is wonderful , and the two spend a good time … but … the next day … when real life looks back … she thinks to herself …

» I got it , it’s mine .»

Bad news. This means that she has power over you , and human beings are not very good at controlling power. The power usually always abused , just look at that make the current governments and banks with their power.

Only the power respects power, that’s why in a relationship there must be equal, otherwise the stronger party will always dominate and the weaker party in the relationship will end knees.

Question Want to know who ‘s really love?

» What is love? Described How , how can you know when you ‘re in love with someone, and how do you know he also feels love for you? »

Here’s the answer.

Love is not buying a new car to your partner, or get the person you want to a nice vacation to the Bahamas, or tell every moment » I love you »

Love is a combination of many small things … a look , a touch, a smile , a gentle caress no sexual … these are the signs of love.

The passionate moment of true love …

You give a long, passionate kiss, still feeling the pressure of his lips against yours, the warmth of your body against his hot … deeply look into my eyes and tell …

» Right now, as I look at you and I can feel the warmth of your body against … you’re the most special person in the whole world. ‘re Special because of the way you see the best of people … tolerate my annoying habits and you make me feel the best. ‘s why you’re the most special and important person in my life .. »

But is not it better to say » I love you «?

There is nothing romantic to say » I love you » … but … when you give a very detailed description of why you think she is special to you … that’s the romance, and make me feel very good inside.

These romantic moments are very powerful and do not forget , but remember it may not be every day, once or twice a week is more than enough. If you do it too often , it loses its effect and charm.

Remember that small signs of love , should be every day . Tell genuine praise and nonsexual physical contact dale , constantly informs her … in a way that does not make you weak or submissive, and most importantly … do not think that «I have.»

Your ex ended the relationship because I thought you had in your hands ? Maybe yes, maybe no … Anyway … You have to do something now to fill the huge empty space I leave in your life.

When the break happens … need a special woman in your life … someone to give you a reason to come home at the end of the day … someone you can hold, touch , intimacy … spend your life …

At this time , it is crucial to make a decision …

Option 1 – Continue as you are; want her in your arms again and feel his soft warm body against yours …

Option 2 – Go ahead and conquer a new girl in your life … start again.

Option 3 – Create a new relationship with your ex … effectively and bring it back to your life … without all the problems and errors associated with the old relationship .

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