Top Reasons Why Couples Break Up

Top Reasons Why Couples Break Up


Today it’s easier than ever to start a relationship, and so easy to jump from one relationship to go to pursue a new relationship. No wonder that the life of a relationship lasts a minimum!

So you just left? And you do not understand why? In this article we review the reasons why couples break.

Razoness why couples break up!!

Men and women have different reasons and justifications to leave a relationship. Almost it is never consensual. In any case, we have to consider the reasons for the break for both sexes separately because they differ greatly.

The main reasons why people end with the girls:

* Not according to his vision of who she wanted it rather than accept it as it is or was. In other words, it is «I molderlo» a different person, instead of love such cua.

* She completely loses interest in sex. This can have a huge impact on the dissatisfaction of the man in a relationship, so big that the man will want to look for it on the other side in the short term.

* The woman puts a lot of pressure on him to comrometerse with something that is not willing to do. The pressure is most often when a woman presses hard to commit and / or marry, and the man is not yet ready to jump to that stage….

* Other women stand in your way and falls. Basically, if you know someone better and you realize that they are not «one another» when this happens normally break the relationship and is dedicated to his new love.

The main reasons why women break a relationship:

* She realizes that you’re not the man she thought you were really. Perhaps you show your best «face» during the first days of dating up looking like the perfect man or a prince.

But after you reveal your insecurity or possessiveness are. Most women that stable and secure, they will not love a man who pretends and later reveals that he has major flaws.

* No matter how you started the relationship, if a man treats women infamously, either emotionally or physically, she’s going to run for the hills.

* Some women just can not stand the fact that a man flirts with other women. Perhaps it is an evidence that she lacks self-confidence, or maybe the man has the sense to know not to do that.

Either way, the flirting has ended many relationships and will continue. You must be careful as a man if you like flirting with a view how many women, especially in front of your wife or friends.

* She may decide that it is not marriage importate. In this case, it will absolutely no pressure to marry her. She just will think twice.

* In somewhat similar to man, perhaps a woman can look at a man and decide it is not a good potential to father their children. If that happens to the woman in the relationship you will not be able to convince her otherwise.

* If she loses interest, it will break you. Perhaps the relationship began with passion and emotion, but then fell into a pattern of boring activities. Maybe she begins to look at you as a friend rather than a lover.

* Man hoax. Very few women will stay by your side if you can stand not being faithful. Cheating is typically a death blow to a relationship of any type or length.

The razoness why couples break up have much to do with money.

* And finally, women will leave a relationship if they find out that their man is financially irresponsible. Nobody wants to get on a ship is going to sink. You must have your finances in order, or you will have difficulty maintaining a woman by your side.

For some of these reasons why couples break up, you have a chance to solve it, while for others, it’s time to turn the page. Irrespective of the reason, you should try to find out if you really want to rekindle the relationship, or not.

Did you finish your relationship and yearn to your ex? If you realize you want to get back with your ex, be sure to consider all the angles before approaching him or her. You can very well realize that your best interest is, if you get your ex or move on.

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