10 Tips For Having A Lasting Relationship Or The Secret Of Love Forever

Lasting Relationship

Lasting Relationship. Do not be fooled because there are no infallible recipes to live a love that lasts forever. Each person is a world and not all individuals react the same to the same things, good or bad.

For that reason, the secret of fullness as a couple, of finding true love is within the reach of very few.

Is there any secret to get it? We give you some advice, but above all, rely on your common sense and your capacity for empathy and emotional intelligence.

This experienced French sexologist compiled in his book the 10 tips for a lasting relationship. Are these:

1.- Protect Independence: The stories of Walt Disney are very good and we all fall lagrimita. But to love someone is not to overwhelm you, or to be on top of you all the time.

Each one should have their spaces reserved and others ready to share them with the couple. To survive, you have to try to keep them as independent entities.

2 .- Another advice to have a lasting relationship is to strengthen to maintain communication: The way of life if it is planned to do it in union with another it is convenient to talk a lot, to know the other, in their defects and their virtues, in their Dreams and their fears.

It is very healthy to exchange opinions and opinions. One of the worst things that can happen in a couple is that each person is locked in himself, without showing himself to the other. Incommunication ends any relationship.

3. Fill the sex life with new and enriching experiences: You can not let a relationship languish. It should be banned. One of the foundations of any couple to use is the sexuality that comments on a relationship and fills it with happiness, fulfillment and complicity.

In addition, it is demonstrated that sex allows our body to secrete oxytocin, the hormone of attachment. Problems? Some. And is that for many couples, especially for men, when they talk about sex seem to limit it irremediably to penetration. And it is not like that.

4.- Find goals and ways to complete together. Coexistence implies moments of happiness but also others much more difficult, nuisances and confrontations that can take people to the limit. And no one said that life as a couple is far from easy.

5. Gold of the tips for having a lasting relationship is to keep the desire that awakens in you: Loss of sexual desire is undoubtedly one of the most frequent reasons for consultation and often of breach of rigging if that is Is not cut. But it has a solution.

6. Make concessions and put in the place of the other: When you are told that this or that couple is perfect because they never argue, I do not fear you believe. Or yes they argue or, more surely, are anything but perfect.

Discussions are inherent in relationships. But they can wear it out if they do not live in a healthy way.

You have to take it as something natural and sometimes necessary. It helps us to remember that we are one person with our own criteria and that the other, of course, is also one. With your needs and problems.

7.- Remember. The natural and healthy is to grow old: In a consumer society like ours, which does not accept to face death, the fear of aging breaks many couples after years of marriage.

8.- Weary of surprising the other: It is good to always keep a part of mystery – in a good sense – in what one can expect from the other. That it does not always seem like you know the end of the movie in which you are protagonists.

It is true that couples know a lot, but from time to time show your face more unexpected, unknown and unexplored. It will suit you.

9.- Another advice to have a lasting relationship is Share the tasks: If the fatigue is shared is more diccil that always fails the same.

According to the latest statistics, there are still very few men who share 100% of their household chores equally. No one should be a slave to anyone and the responsibilities of coexistence must be shared.

10.- To know to say I am sorry and to answer that does not matter: Many couples are separated by an infidelity., The test surpasses before which no one considers the pardon, at least, of beginning.

Many more issues and affronts will have to come through a long time relationship and knowing how to forgive will be the food of that couple. As you realize the tips for having a lasting relationship are the beginning of happiness.

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