Tip – 3 Ways To Make Your Ex Feel Jealous!

3 Ways To Make Your Ex Feel JealousThe relationship with your former partner can be in this moment and not spend time together and everything ends, but that does not mean you’re really willing to give up everything.

Still feel love and care for your partner, then you have to find a way to see if there is even a glimmer of hope that you two can get back together again. How to do that? Then using the usual trick: jealousy.

Ways to make your ex jealous…

1. Short absolutely all ties and communication. Once the relationship has reached its end of life should retire completely. Be sure not to appear in front of others, especially those who had friends in common.

Delete it from Facebook. If you have a custom message on your phone or home phone, a space just for your ex, remove it immediately. Your ex will be surprised how efficiently and fast … want to remove all traces of him or her in your life.

No need to leave town to avoid them, but certainly the message is clear … you get on with your life without your ex. If it happens that your ex runs to you, in no way a reason to be rude to … so keep education.

2. Do not let your emotions get the best of you weaken. Even if you feel lost without your ex, this is something that you’re just a witness. But for the rest of the world, should be the picture of happiness.

Things could not be better. Your life is wonderful and complete. While you go through a breakup, you should try to be fine and move on. It will not take long for you to join the social ranks and create a way for your ex back.

Definitely one of the ways to make your ex jealous is to get fit

3. One powerful way to show your ex that you are making your life without him or her, is to get fit. Nothing screams louder than you are new to the dating market to improve your appearance.

This works well especially if you and your ex-partner had a similar problem while they were a couple. For example, we always talked about losing weight when they were together. Just the break, join a gym and have your goal is to look good quickly.

Of course, your ex probably wonder why you did not do these changes when they were a couple … for that is the beauty and effectiveness of this tactic. I do know that you are now free to take on the challenges that you thought were too.

Learn more about you, know … Ask yourself, what is it that makes you want to get back with your ex? Are your destructive emotions have on the heart? If so, maybe you need to learn to control what is happening within you.

The solution is not in endless volumes of information you find on the Internet, or advice of your friends … is within you and the thoughts that make you who you are.

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