Three steps to the triumph in love

There are beautiful people physically and alone and others according to our culture are not so attractive and enjoy a totally happy relationship.
There are people with an excellent economic condition that their relationship is not the best and other couples with significant limitations in economics go hand in hand with joyful and happy.
This leads us to think about the causes that make to the success or failure in love and we can say that the cause is in the interior of the people and not in external causes or even in your body or aesthetic staff.
Give a few important steps to make the internal change that takes you to succeed in love is to be done and then you the muestro…

First step: get to know.
Answer important questions such as: who am I?, is the foundation of your life. Recognize you will take you to discover the great value of your person, your potential, unlimited resources with which you have as human beings.
It is an exciting adventure to go towards one’s own to discover and learn about. Not only with regard to our personality, that this can help professionals in psychology, but also in what we are, at a level of the deepest being. I invite you to this adventure. There are excellent bibliography that will help you to enhance your interiority.

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Second step: to love

When you discover all the aspects of your person, it is essential that you accept to be as you are and not otherwise. If you could choose to be as you are, or otherwise, that you would choose? Achieve a State where you would choose to remain as you are is important because it talks about be OK with yourself. This is not to say of not seeking grow and correct all the defects that we have but is to be at peace with ourselves and from that State of acceptance go looking to grow.

Third step: love each other.
This is the most valuable step of all and as a result of the previous two. Because I know, (this is on a mental level), because I want to (this is in an affective, emotional level) I love you and this is an act of will.
An act of will because love me is doing, is to take action to help my performance and growth. Love me is the particular work that affects me directly.

To give these three steps will be succeeding in love,’ll also love or other and you will only be with someone that you love really, why?, because you know who you are, you want and you bowed to same tí and you love and alone you allow in your life such people and this is the key to succeed in love.


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