The spaces that gives the couple

Every couple in their early relationship is characterized by the desire to create opportunities to meet.
In a previous article referred to the need to generate a couple agenda alongside personal agenda in order to organize and optimize the time-sharing and the time devoted to each other.

Having both agendas facilitates communication and the Organization of time and space.
It is not only important to talk about the time they need to focus as a couple but also about the place that you will be given to all persons, things and activities that they pass through.

If a partner wishes to their relationship to grow, then… the time is ripe to address certain issues.
Do not you’ve felt the invasion of someone in your partner?
Not have you ever experienced invasion of something in your partner (topic, sport, hobby, etc.)?
Not has you happened once that discussed with your partner on the comments of some of their parents, friends, colleagues, etc.?
Have you ever felt as if someone «got» in your relationship? Does o as if someone «invaded» your partner?

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If you have experienced a similar situation, it means that it is the time to discuss this topic.
We already know that a relationship is a two. But sometimes, and supposedly with very good intentions, there are people who have the habit of «getting and invade» other «territories or spaces».

First the couple should be aware that the most important are two of them and they shall live focused on their own.
Although they receive such, comments, suggestions, etc… must always pass through the sieve of the couple. Perhaps in the long term end up thinking about equal, but if the couple not so ruminated, what chew, analysed it and criticized not may repeat meaningless something.
Do know the others (parents, friends, colleagues, etc…) which they position themselves as a couple, is marking territory and especially delimiting spaces.
Not pass the couple nothing because Yes. Nor let out of the couple something that is unique to the couple.

That territory is in common that we can call «privacy in the couple», «intimate space». He is that it is a land or space sacred that it is important to respect it in order to keep growing and strengthening in the couple.

If this space is taken into account from the outset in the couple, as time will become a living space that unify them as a couple and will stand or position themselves to all those who surround them.

The theme of the spaces that gives the couple making more graphic, imagine a House.
When it comes to the House someone unknown it served at the door and go. If it is barely known so it will be move to the living room. If there are perhaps greater confidence to the dining room. And if it is someone’s confident he will meet throughout the House.
The same applies to the people surrounding the couple.

If they are unknown one may treat them but does not give confidence, or to share things of the couple. If they are just known the couple will know what things can certainly share will be irrelevant things. The level to share with each other will grow as people who come to the couple are of greater confidence and knowledge. Also there will be things that the couple agreed not to share because of an intimate or private territory.
That’s what I mean when I talk about the spaces that gives the couple.

You cannot have the same level of communication with someone I know recently with someone that makes more time that I know and is reliable.
The couple must know in advance how to interact with each person and each situation because it has clarity of the spaces that wants to or not.
How do they walk spaces that gives your partner? Think and write down them to talk with your partner.
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