The spaces in the couple

A relationship generally begins with the stage of falling in love. These early times tend to be rewarding and charming because both people are by the novelty. Everything new or discover entertaining and dazzles. It is for this reason that abound the moments of encounter, endless discussions and wanting to be together and share.

In this process is how the spaces for the rest of the world around them are generated (family, friends, colleagues, hobby, sports, club, etc.)?

In this article you will find a solution to problematic ls of how to organize the spaces of the couple.

In the first stage of the partner you must be attentive to what the couple said (explicitly or implicitly). Sometimes it is not said, it has freely hidden and therefore it is better that will be addressed as many issues and/or situations.

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By way of example I present some cases:

Hide freely about some former, because it can cause crisis in the parejaOcultar hobbies because they require much time and can harm the parejaOcultar something about the family out of fear to the other person does not accept the situaciónOcultar encounters with friends to avoid possible confrontations, scenes of jealousy or suspicion.And so many situaciones…

Surely before starting a relationship you told with a personal agenda to organize your life and maybe then your personal agenda was already whole… what do do now with spaces for the couple?

Imagine that if you happens to you that you already have your «personal agenda» whole… not will happen the same to your partner?

What spaces reorganizarías you and what areas your partner?

I think that already intuyes where is the proposal I have to make. Of course! Once the couple grows in knowledge it is important also generate a «schedule of couple», because both generated a new space (the space of the relationship) which also need to give the time necessary and timely.

To have a healthy and harmonious life in the couple, have clarity on the spaces to share and personal spaces is fundamental and Basic.

This is so simple and effectively predict future conflicts and give a form organized and respectful generate the spaces in the couple and the couple from the beginning.

It will also depend on quality, maturity, stage and growth of the partner that will create space and frequency to be.

Even in the couple making years that coexists. Sometimes those couples that have long shared spaces are very limited even as a clientelista relationship or we could say a communication to the good style of the telegram: short, long silences and directed by any need in particular.

So… What is the proposal to improve the spaces of the couple?

First of all be aware of what is communicated (explicitly or implicitly) in the early stages of the relationship that coincide with the stages of the knowledge of the otroAsí as you and your partner have your «personal agenda» should formulate or generate the «couple agenda», dialogue which spaces will give you with each other and which spaces will give those people around them or to those activities usually performed (work)(, Studio, club, hobby, etc.)

A more orderly life avoids unnecessary conflicts, low levels of anxiety and fortifies, and joins the pair.


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