The Selfie Cash Is That Your Ex Boyfriend To Return?

The Selfie Cash Is That Your Ex Boyfriend To Return

After breaking a relationship, almost immediately we felt the pain of recent injuries and we can barely see the way forward, because our whole world is upside down relatively.

And certainly our desire at the moment is that our ex back to us and everything is back to normal. Sometimes we inevitably feel the need to take desperate measures.

You want your ex boyfriend back?

I’m sure you’ve done desperate things like haircut horribly. But what you maybe interested ultimately selfie is saying «I want you back!»

This specific type of selfie certainly exists and can be distributed in a variety of ways. I like to coin the term most used, and perhaps you’ll agree, this is the selfie «get my ex back».

It’s where your makeup like never before and you cut your hair, you take a snapshot of yourself and upload it to the net with the hope that a single image could make your ex boyfriend come running back to you. But that’s not the only way these selfies can get your ex boyfriend back.

With the revolution of technology these days, we have more options to choose to send a simple email. We are now able to upload, share, link to an Instagram or Snapchat, and the list goes on and on.

Now you have many virtual connections can choose the ones in a range much closer to your ex (back to prehistoric times: dial a number and talk to someone, or show up in front of your door, and they went out of fashion).

At present, it is so very easy to give something to your ex at 2am after the bars in town are closed, «What are you doing?» Therefore, I see no reason why you can not do the same with a small selfie?

I have a firm idea that selfie is here to stay and so, it is time for you to define the various types of selfie that are within the category of «I want you back»:

1 The standard selfie: When you take this selfie, imagine the time you and your ex boyfriend to lay in bed together, with legs and feet intertwined and twisted sheets, rolling around the ears and whispering endless sweet things.

You may also consider the possibility to take a picture of yourself lying on your bed with messy hair.

2. selfie crying: I beg you please do not. Just do not. We all experience pain and sadness when the person we love leaves us, this step is part of the healing process and you must move on without making a selfie this.

3.- selfie behind the fence: Perhaps such selfies your face can not be displayed, it is where you are almost naked (just covering some parts of your body) or a sexy dress.

In this type of selfie, the logic is that you’re trying to get him back. In fact, it’s likely that he has already seen everything in you. Making fun of him might not be one of the best options at this point.

4. selfie neck down: That’s the only polite term possibly what might be called «X rating» selfie. You feel so embarrassed with what you can be living that neither your face appears in the selfie.

For a second, we can all be real and admit that this action once or twice, but not every day do you get back with your ex boyfriend. Is it worth it? Is it effective? For the young and tech-savvy, this might be the trick.

The selfie is effective to make your ex boyfriend back? You can help.

What really is effective is not eviar texting at night or send a selfie. In any attempt to get back with your ex, it really gives results are distance, honesty and respect after a period of time.

So before making a premature decision and resort to outrageous take pictures in front of mirror, reflect before doing so. You will probably earn the respect you deserve.

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