The Secret You Need To Know To Back With Your Ex

Know To Back With Your ExSunny day On a Sunday morning, Jose taxes to the store to buy a newspaper. Turn into the corner, because I wanted to take a shortcut through the supermarket parking lot.

When the distance, Jose hear a siren. Each time the siren is louder, John then becomes more aware of the surrounding environment.

When suddenly … hear the screech of tires.

He stops, turns around and sees a police car parked at an odd angle, with the two front doors wide open police car … when two men come running to the police where he is.

Jose is left with a lot of fear, the blood drained from his face and the entire body of Jose, the adrenaline rush …

The two police men were running towards where I was running right in front of him … Jose opens his eyes, he turns around to see the two police men disappear towards supermarket.

Confused, John continues slowly walking to the store, your legs feel like jelly, his hands shake …

The question is why Jose reacted well? Why everyone feel uncomfortable when we see the police, or when our partner says the four dreaded words …

«We need to talk …»

We feel this simply because of the guilt.

We’re all walking feeling guilty. Here I explain why this happens:

We are also of guilty when we believe we have violated a moral standard or rule. This is even if we have not done anything wrong, just feel guilty

Guilt is used by the authority to control people. Religions use guilt to control the behavior of the followers, in fact they make you feel guilty if for some reason you break the rules.

Guilt is used by political groups to enforce politically correct behavior. The same company makes you feel guilty, if you act in a way you express politically incorrect.

Since guilt is widely used, absolutely all experience feelings of guilt, even though we have not done any wrong. So we feel uncomfortable to see a policeman.

Guilt is also feeling of regret. For example, eating a chocolate bar, do not go to the gym, do not help an old lady cross the street need not give money to charity … All this can make you feel guilty forever.

Guilt is also because of the existence of so many rules. When we were kids, our parents taught us rules to follow. At school, the school rules to follow. At work, you have rules to follow. There applying laws to follow the police.

Since there are many rules in our society, it is impossible for us to follow them all. So we all walk feeling guilty.

These feelings of guilt in fact affect relations with other people, friends, family, romance, etc.. Then:

After an intense and vivid romance, Janet and Joseph were married. A year later, they are taking wonders.

Janet says «what would you do to celebrate our first anniversary?»

Jose «perhaps could order a pizza and watch football … the final is tonight.»

After a few minutes of complete silence, and obviously, Jose realizes that something is wrong.

Jose «uh umm … if you want to eat pizza we order Chinese food.»

Janet «Well»

Jose’s thoughts begin to wonder …

«Gee, I have married a year ago. That means that my car is three years old, I’ll have to visit a service soon. The mechanic does not fix the noise from suspension or battery is low warning light and flashing floor whenever a bump in the road … »

While that happens, Janet is thinking …

«I do not think our anniversary is special to him, if all you want is to eat pizza and watch TV. I want a nice dinner with candles and talk about our future together. Maybe he does not feel comfortable with me. Bueno gained, and perhaps do not pay attention as before. But we’re married, then it should not matter much … »

John hears that sound familiar unpleasant and front suspension, denies and thinks to himself …

«When you take this car to a service I will tell you to fix the front suspension. Better not charge me so much, should be covered under warranty …»

Janet looks at him and then begins to think differently …

«He is denying. He is not happy with our relationship. Maybe you should dress better, and use less makeup, but do not know what else to do and be happy …»

When the car passes over a bump in the road, and the warning light is lowered and on again, John reneges again …

«There goes your thinking again. Every time I go over a bump, the light blinks. Hope it’s covered under warranty. This road really needs repair.»

Janet, still looking all jestos Jose thinks ...

«It is very annoying. Must be something seriously wrong with our relationship. Has to be something I can do to make you happy and save our relationship …»

Janet feels guilty, despite his guilt does not have any support. He feels responsible for the unhappiness of Jose … Jose even though not happy about it, if for no other reason.

This applies to everyone, without any exclusion ...

All our guilt is unfounded, however, all act as if that guilt were real.

This is the reality of why couples separate.

In this story, Janet can break Jose, because he realizes that it is the only way to get rid of your guilt.

Could this be the reason why your ex broke you? So you can get rid of feelings of guilt?

Maybe yes, maybe not. Definitely the fault is not easy to detect. So you can find out how to get back with your ex without feeling guilty, and read more information on how to get your ex back, visit: precise methods to get back with your ex.

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