The power of thought in relationships

Troubleshooting in the couple is often difficult. Lack of a dynamic, a technique or method becomes talks in monologues and endless justifications without solution.
So… What do you do when problems you in the couple?
If ever you’ve put to think of alternatives to promote dialogue in the couple.
In this article, which is a deepening of the previous article, I invite you to consider the following proposals. You’ll most fruitful dialogues in your partner and will surely find a way to deal with the problems in the couple.

Deepening on the essential and vital resources which has the couple, you can not know that the thought is the maximum resource which has the human being. We can talk about the power of thought on the relations of couple.
But… in what it is about the power of thought in the couple?
You’ve probably never had in mind to thinking as an important resource that has your partner.
Usually the human being is more prone to thinking about all the things that do not have or is missing and not all the capabilities it has.
Do you have put to think once about everything what need you your partner: time, dialogue, etc.?

And you’ve put to think about the hidden potential that has your partner and that is a good time to begin to use to improve the relationship and put them on the basis of the problems in the couple?
Remember this: the thought is the maximum use of the human being.
The power of thought is a vital resource in relationships.
And however, sometimes we’re dissatisfied with that capacity, perhaps we have never known to enhance her or not are aware of the importance and scope that has.

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Well… here are at a very crucial moment in your life. And above all in the life of your partner. Boost your thinking and your partner?
Do you think that the power of thought can change the life of your relationship?
On this occasion no matter at what stage you are, what matters is that it is you can always improve and make the most of.
Only if you have a limited view of the power of thought you can settle for your current state. Recuerda… always can optimize, enhance.
I tell you that there is only a difficulty for the thought. This difficulty is to live in a State of confusion.
But… what does it mean confusion? It is when you find yourself: disturbed, with a sense of mental disorder, wrong, wrong, shaken, perplexed.
Another example will help you to understand more what I’m sharing. It is when you try to do too many things at the same time. The emotions, the information, logic, hope and creativity you sobrepasan… you confused and don’t know where to go.
Have you ever felt so lately?

It is as if thousands of thoughts entrecruzaran simultaneously in your mind. As those vehicles on the highways of the most developed cities in the world.
If on motorways there would be alternative paths, lanes, señalizaciones… everything would be a chaos.
The same is true at the mental level, if our thoughts are disorganized manifests a great chaos. And that mental chaos that occurs in our interior is externalized, manifests itself in our lives, transforming it into chaotic.
Happens to you or you something similar has happened?
In this case… There is solution.

The proposal is simple, but it requires practice to achieve it. It’s like everything with a good habit is achieved.
Do you remember that the method of «six hats to think» you mentioned in the previous article?. Well, the idea behind this method is thought management. It is to allow the thinker thinking one thing at a time. In this case separate the logic of the emotion, separating the creativity of the information, bring order to the time that is needed.
Imagine being an orchestra conductor who directs and orders music. There is harmony. The same will happen if you order your thoughts. One at a time. You will feel and hear the harmony.
If you you just this good habit, I assure you that you armonizarás and you will enjoy the dialogue with your partner.
I invite you to make the test!

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