The power of emotion that touches the heart of a woman

The power of emotion that touches the heart of a womanRecently, I’ve been talking a lot about the power of touch. But what about the emotional power of touching the heart of a woman? Now that is real power! The heart is the center of all our emotions – and emotions are very powerful.

They have the power for good and for ill. Just as words can bring comfort and hope, you can bring the wrath and jealousy. So you see our words and actions (including thoughts) can create powerful feelings. Why not put to good use in your relationship? It is written: «As a man thinketh, so is he.» So we become what we think. OK.

Focus on the power of thought

If we focus on one thought, feeling or idea for a while, this can have a profound impact on our lives and those around us – especially those we love. A counselor once told me that if we put negative things in our head we still think the same old things negative about those we love.

Then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. However, when you replace negative images with positive ones, we can begin to gain some ground and experience again the person we know and love.

Is not it amazing that the same mouth can give a blessing and a curse? The words can help heal or hurt, help or hurt. I remember one night I felt more love and my wife was not.

Something was bothering him. After an internal examination discovered a harmful thing that I said be careful that the words you speak are uplifting and encouraging your partner. Kindness shown with words is underestimated. You can not kill someone, showing kindness, but it can create feelings of love. If you want more love and affection in your life that needs to show or give to your partner. Find a way to touch your heart by doing something special for her.

True love does not happen. And once that occurs can not be maintained without effort. Find out what makes her happy and what you like.

The power of emotions do their job

Therefore, you can see how the power of emotions can work very well to touch the heart of your partner. Comes to their emotions, focusing on positive thoughts of her, with kind words and uplifting for her, and takes actions that create loving memories of your love.

We woke in the middle of the night to meet your needs if sick, or whatever may be his need. You may feel exhausted, but the more we do, create more love in our own hearts, and in the heart of the person we love. The same goes for your spouse or partner. So … still love your thoughts, words and actions.

What are you doing for your partner? Answer me down here …

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