The other: how to overcome the things that bother us

One of the more major challenges in any relationship, from courtship to coexistence, is how to maintain this relationship doing those things that as a general rule, and even according to studies conducted by universities, we bother other more bearable.

All these studies without distinction have come to the conclusion that there is no perfect relationship, and that after a time of a causes the routine, daily living and various external factors, all come to exclaim the famous phrase: «hate this from my partner!»

There is also another point of agreement in these studies, and is that people with low self-esteem are those that soon begin to find things in the other that impair the relationship, on the other hand a healthy self-esteem guarantees a couple that fixes these friction and that knows how to deal with those things that we will naturally find the other us they don’t like.

Learn how to raise this kind of things that we dislike people in their to safeguard the couple is a remarkable demonstration of emotional maturity.


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