The Magic Of A Kiss That Lasts 5 to 10 Seconds

The Magic Of A KissOne of the biggest frustrations I hear from couples who are struggling to meet your marriage or relationship is the lack of «feel» that seems to be absent in all couples or have disappeared from the relationship. Surprisingly, this is the number one complaint I hear from men, their partners are not affected at all during the day and do not refer to sexual touching.

Small details make a big difference in a relationship

These people complain about the lack of details, such as holding hands, a gentle hug or a shed to meet your partner, and other physical recognition to your likes.

What we know for sure is that there are specific ways, habitual thinking, feeling and acting that couples involved in the beginning of the relationship and promote the connection and intimacy. These habits occur naturally in the early stages of a relationship due to the altered state, literally, our bodies when we first begin an intimate relationship with someone.

As the «newness» of the relationship changes in the next stages, the partners have to be intentional to ensure habits, because it does not happen on autopilot. A happy couple connected, make sure to continue the custom of «touching» in the relationship, or ensure that intentionally re-create the habit of keeping the connection and intimacy.

You have to take up the habit of touching, kissing and hugging to strengthen your relationship.

If you’re in a relationship where the «touch» seems to have disappeared or almost disappeared, performs a very simple exercise that I learned, called the kiss «5 to 10 seconds», which will begin once again to the intimacy in your relationship. This is an exercise I use with my clients to help them regain that spark, connection, intimacy and passion in your relationships they once had, but have disappeared over a period of time.

You and your partner share a kiss from 5 to 10 seconds. The important part of this kiss is that it should be immediately followed by sex.

The goal is to get away from the routines we have created in our relationship and to remove more privacy, more passion and connection, so it is important to break the routine rather than promote it.

In order to break this routine, make sure you have a kiss from 5 to 10 seconds at any time of day (early morning, before leaving for work, or when you get home, etc..) I you’re doing with this exercise is to create the feel, connection and intimacy as an interaction of every day, more than a prelude to sex.

Therefore, try to kiss 5 to 10 seconds, every day, at least a week, and you’ll be surprised the magic you create.

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