The dominant man in a relationship

Some of the features in a man who causes a woman to feel attracted to him, they are security and confidence that transmits the man to speak, walk or just with their attitude towards others.

Movies, novels and general television programmes, have committed to showing that the attitude of a bad man, IE badly ported, despot, selfish and liar are attractive to a woman. The logic would indicate us that a man with this behavior should not be attractive to any woman and one who is romantic, attentive and honest should be the ideal.

como dominar a una mujer

However both the seduction and attraction working at the subconscious level and this in what we will have to work.

If you’re in a relationship or if you are starting to go out with someone, it is important that you follow these tips to be the dominant man attractive:

Do not let it take too many decisions.

Choose you the place to go, don’t you questions as to where they want to go? A woman prefers in the majority of cases that the man might have initiative.

As well as in other decisions as that film see, to that restaurant go, are you the decides. However from time to time ask you your opinion or that you want, remember that it must maintain a balance and to be too dominant could be counterproductive.

In summary surprise her, if you want to do something and take the hand or kiss her do it, don’t ask you. Choose you most of the times to do or where to go, this will show you that you are a man with confidence and will seem attractive.

Think about everything you can earn and recalls that in the worst case you can try again.

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