The competition between women

At the suggestion of someone who reads this blog I’m writing this post, the competition among women, which also seems an interesting and important subject.

A bit of competition is healthy to keep us motivated and not take anything for granted, but…

Why are both competing women? Much of what I say here what I said roughly in other posts. is why we compete up with our friends for the attention of a man? What we fix more for others than for the opposite sex? why when a man let us «by someone else» focused attention on what is or not the other woman and not what lacked the man left us either to ourselves? We are women fighting women!

Do they say that the worst enemy of a woman is another woman… how many times not critical in other ladies things you yourself have done either you are doing? «the Fox, that slut, that gossip, that bitch, that wila, such as by cual…» These descriptions the use far more women than men.

And well, beyond marketing that there is in these times to be younger, more thin, more beautiful, more sexy, desirable, and everything that makes us feel less «something» is the theme of millenary compete not only for the attention of men; We are also now competing for work, friends and all kinds of reconocimientos… are not «wired» to make team between us, our DNA is not made for that, in contrast to that of men. As they explain it in the post «Them hunters, us collection».

We compete by a supplier/protector almost by instinct. There is the issue that we are more women than men, that they can perpetuate their genes in several bellies at the same time and we only have a stomach to play us. Also for the same reason they tend more to be infidels (in theory)…

For that we maquillamos, we put diet, fasting, botox, do exercise, liposución, depilaciones, restilene, Russian threads and things dolorosísimas and expensive (that every day they come out more and will be convitiendo in a must) and now that we are professionals also we do professionally (in the University, master’s, work). Far from helping us and making team we get the foot, see stab wounds on the back, etc.

When we learn to make team between us we are invincible, the problem is that you are we much difficult. So I speak from experience, for me, my friends are one of my strongest pillars. I do not know what would do if he had them no because each I guides and support under different circumstances and no matter how much time let us not talk or move on without seeing us, when I need there they are and just know it makes me stronger and more secure.

Team between us (not by going against anyone) is very easy to make when we fail to see what the other has and I did not; When we see what each has and how it complements. All are beautiful to our manera…

How many times you have no thought or said that your wey went with «a slut much more ugly, far more fat, much less fine, very naca…» sure the slut that knows very well that it is what it is and that focuses on why your dude went with it, sorry. Neither beauty nor the obvious things are all in this life.

If we focus this issue on the couple, it is true that men are very visual and we are all sensitive to beauty, but once you pass the stage in which you «look pretty» If you don’t have anything else to contribute so fed up with and it will. We must grow all aspects of the personality, not only what you see. In my opinion, contrary to the general logic should focus on what we already do well do better. Not even refer to the aspects in which we are weak and not trying to be who are not.

If you’re creative, you focus on your creativity, to cultivate more, to promote it and express it. If you have sense of humor, it focuses your attention on that, anything that you feel that you are wonderful. The truth is that we spend too much time thinking about what we are not and «should» be vs. Remember who we are and be the best version of that.

We always want to be right in everything, we care about that other women will give us the reason or somehow «approval» do pa what? When we see a group of men discussing any issue, they are hardly interested in than the other they reason, they take it for granted who do because they based their judgments and opinions on specific data, we rely on the other hand, much of what we say in what «late us». In fact if someone gives them the against him do not take so personal. These are things that we could copy them or learn them.


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