The body language to project an attractive image

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is totally true when speaking of seduction. Something as simple as a look or a smile can be the beginning of a great conversation and the long term relationship.

Body language is one that we communicate with our body, i.e. our behavior, movements, gestures and the way in which we relate.

Women seem highly attractive a man who has security in itself and we have confidence. When it comes to talk or deal with a girl there are certain things you should avoid with your behavior, as that will mention below.

As mentioned it is important to feel safe and go with decision, a nervous man is not at all attractive and later may be cause for mockery.

When you talk to a woman control you, do not do things take hands continuously or lose the look, these are symptoms of inferiority and they understand it perfectly. Do not think what will happen only let flow the conversation, otherwise you may start to sweat what will be another symptom of nervousness.

While you talks with a woman directs your body towards the of it, look in the eyes staring contests as a sign that you care about what you’re saying, but not the view so fixed that it can be badly interpreted, as always and in everything there is to maintain a balance.

Is someone interesting, ten item of conversation to avoid the annoying silences. In addition to that if you know of many topics you parecerás more attractive and interesting and a woman will be willing to give you some of your time.

With these simple tips, you’ll have an impact greater with women. Since then we put it into practice and not just read it and think that we can. We must act!


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