The Blame Game With Your Boyfriend

Game With Your Boyfriend

At people rarely like to admit their mistakes. It’s much easier to point the finger at others to take responsibility yourself. This kind of attitude is very common in relationships.

When it comes to your relationship with your boyfriend, and it happens that he made ​​a mistake, it is a fairly common behavior not trying to blame him. But, many women try to give some or all of the blame for their mistakes her boyfriend.

Unfortunately miss blaming others for your own mistakes in the relationship solves nothing of the problems. Whenever the situation becomes much worse than it should be.

So why do people blame others for their mistakes?

If you talk about it with a professional psychologist, he or she will tell you that the people playing the blame game can be mentally in trouble … a bit harsh response , but so is!

What these professionals are trying to say in his «professional language» is that the person who blames another person is trying to avoid the pain of their own actions.

This happens simply by transferring the blame to someone else, in this case, your boyfriend.

What harm can the blame game?

The miss can not take responsibility for any mistake you made and try to charge all the blame on your boyfriend can make untold damage to your relationship.

It is almost certain that the relationship will be tremendously affected if one of you playing the blame game. At least your partner will resent for taking all the blame its mistakes. This resentment will build up inside of him, until one day bursts.

At this point, when it comes to explode, it is more likely to be the end of the relationship!

What should you do instead of playing the blame game?

If you’ve made ​​a mistake in your relationship with your boyfriend. You have to swallow your pride and apologize.

Yes that’s right, you can cause some discomfort in your partner, and may even become angry with you. But he was then cooled. He will appreciate your honesty and true remorse.

We are all human , and let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with admitting our mistakes and be honest.

But what happens if he plays the blame game with you?

Ask him why he does not accept responsibility for their actions. And then explain that you’re not mad at him. Tell him you decepcionads, but want to accept their mistakes so that the two can work in solving the problem.

Most of the problems couples face in relationships, you can easily get to resolve as soon as both parties stop blaming each other.

Inside you know you made a mistake, so please put aside your ego for the two dpuedan solve the problem and move as quickly as possible.

If you took the blame game too far, and would like to get back with your boyfriend. Then please sign in: The right way to get back with your boyfriend.

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