The Big Two Secrets To Get Your Ex Now

In this article, I share with you two of the greatest secrets to help you get your ex back. If you have recently gone through a breakup, then you have to pay attention. These two methods are the most books advise relationships.

Even if it’s been several months since your ex boyfriend or girlfriend was your life, these tactics still work.

The secret to getting your ex is really a two step process. When ejectuta correctly, these two methods work so well that all directors of relation is used. In fact, 90% of relationships can be recovered, but few couples understand exactly how.

What to do first is to leave the emails, phone calls and texts. Failure to make contact as soon as possible. This means at least 2 weeks without any contact. In this time should pretend that you do not mind, but of course that you care. No return calls yet. No messages on facebook or email.

This period of no contact is essential if you want to get your ex. Your ex is going to be incredibly curious (a) on what you’re doing, because you suddenly disappeared and lost all contact.

Now, step 2. It’s about focusing on yourself. Ideally, get a pencil and paper and write this to remember every step and do not forget. Or open a document in your oredenador or what you need for this.

Make a list at this time from 5 to 10 things that make you happy. This list does not include things that involve your ex.

This means hobbies. Sports, movies, friends, television, cooking, exercise, videos, reading, playing with your pets, whatever. Really what makes you happy and that you enjoy doing.

Now, once you have your list, you must make a serious effort to make at least two of these things per day. Every day for an hour, during the next two weeks.

So why if you’re trying to get your ex you will be thinking about things that make you happy?

The problem is that too many people trying to recover their former partners are focused on the ex, but your ex does not want to be part of your life right now. So you need these things to help fight depression post-breakup.

Let’s recap this for you: Two weeks without contact. Do not ask your friends to talk about your ex, avoid anything that reminds you of your ex. And focus on the things that make you happy, your hobbies and interests, during these two weeks of no contact.

You can stop the breakup of your relationship to chance, or get your ex back and stop your separation or divorce right now, even if you think your situation is hopeless …

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In the following video I share with you How you can Win Your Ex Back


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