The Best Tool to Help Your Relationship: Appreciation

The Best Tool to Help Your Relationship - AppreciationIn this article I want to share with you that I would become aware of the communication tools we have – and teach you how to share ably one of the most valuable tools of love: Appreciation.

But not any earlier assessment – the findings need to be «right» in order to penetrate the heart of your partner (and you feel so good that it is received) to improve your relationship.

3 Steps to open your heart to the appreciation:

1. Set a time for you and your partner for the purpose of sharing the art of appreciation. Choose a place that you do not use for anything else (if you can) – for example you could just move the chairs in front of a window.

2. Take a few minutes to think about your week or your day and what you love about your partner, you must be specific. Ask yourself what needs were met and that you witnessed or experienced with your partner.

3. When you have other conversations begins with the question: «I have a apreciao by you, will you listen?» This will give your partner so you can breathe deeply and prepare to receive it without distractions.

Assuming your partner says «yes», you must share what you appreciate, uses all the details you can and show up to your speech. Once your award was received, change the subject!

Tip: You should only provide recognition while not enpaquetes several things that you love about your partner. He or she knows that there are other things you appreciate, this is Trara practice of giving and receiving. It must be simple in order to be taken further.

Here I will give an example:

Luis: I have an appreciation for you, would you like to hear?

Noemi: Sure! Now is a good time, and I just finished work today.

Luis: Perfect! So … I appreciate rastrilles leaves and cleanse the courtyard garden. The yard looks so beautiful, and makes you feel the need to go home where I feel relaxed and relieved by her beauty. Thank you very much! That means a lot to me.

Noemi: Thanks for telling me! (Take a deep breath and get in the best way)

Do not underestimate the power of appreciation! Everyone likes to feel appreciated, valued and that sometimes come from an external source. Good to be bathed in love with specific things you do, and that others notice about you. Try it, you’ll like it, I promise!

TIP: This weekend after party all the energy step, lie down with your partner and begin to breathe together. Inhale .. and exhale … breathing .. and exhale … simultaneously.

Whoever is behind, put a hand on your partner’s heart and the other in the womb. Breathe and relax together. Keep up … and if you like, change of place. The minimum time I suggest you practice is: 10 minutes.

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