The 5 Most Common Causes Of Marital Conflict!

Causes Of Marital ConflictOnly in the United States, half of all marriages end in divorce, and many others are really unhappy marriages, where there arguing, fighting or just the couple ignored each other. What is happening? Why do not these couples get along?.

The real causes of marital conflicts are simpler than you think, and once you understand, you will most likely create a more harmonious relationship.

The main cause of marital conflict is stress, that simple. Stress can be caused by many reasons. Dealing with stress can not only save your marriage but your life.

Here are the 5 most common causes of stress and marital conflicts:

* Money Problems. This is one of the most common causes of stress and arguments in marriage. As we have, how you win and where it goes. The real reason of financial stress, is a feeling of lack. If either spouse grew up in poverty, it is conditioned to think that they have enough, and this creates problems.

This type of stress also affects spending and family funds. People spend their money without stress to feel better, or create distractions to relieve anxiety. In the current economic climate, finance is a real problem for many marriages.

* Family and/or friends problems. Mutual understanding is something not very common, and if you surround yourself with friends and family, they can interfere with your problems. The toxic even nosy neighbors or possessive friends, family and drivers can create tension and discord in the couple, trying to give their opinions or advice. Avoid third party intervention as far as possible.

* Gender issues. Too little, too much, or the wrong type of sex in the relationship can be a major cause of marital problems. Sex is one of the reasons why people marry, and unmet expectations can be a reason for discussions, resentment and divorce.

Communication is the key to overcoming such problemas. Yes find they are not compatible, it is unfair to make the other person suffer for the rest of his life. Be honest with yourself and with your partner about your expectations and act reasonably in relation to the expectations of your partner.

* Problems with household duties. Sometimes men get married and think they have replaced their mothers by their wives. They must pick up their clothes, wash and prepare dinner for them. Most people have a misconception about the change of status of boyfriends husbands concept.

So if you are a parent, make a favor to your children, teach them to take care of themselves. If not, I hope you have enough luck finding someone to make that sacrifice for them. However, you may create false expectations with the idea of ​​marriage.

* Problems with parenting. Couples almost always have disagreements about how to raise children. Children usually are raised differently from girls way, so obviously, the husband will have different ideas about how to raise children than the wife.

Also, your partner was not raised in the same way or with the same habits and values ​​as you. Again, communication plays a very important role to solve this conflict.

In conclusion, they should decide what kind of marriage and want to tell your partner to reach an agreement. Most people just want to be happy and loved, they just have different ideas of how to achieve this and how to keep a marriage.

Contact your partner to meet the expectations and conflicts, before health problems, anger, divorce or even violent events arise.

Resolving marital conflicts requires maturity and skills, but can create a happy relationship if you just pay attention to details such as communication and effort.

You will see that definitely worth it, and you will achieve health and happiness to your marriage deserves.

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