The 3 Keys To Having A Successful Relationship

Having A Successful Relationship

I’ll tell you what happened to me .. Not long ago, a friend of mine approached me and then asked me the following question: «Can you really help me save my relationship?»

Keys to a successful relationship.

Somehow, it was known among my friends and people in general as an «expert in relationships.» From the experience of my studies and because I had lived so many relationships and treated with different types of women.

So of course I offered my help so you can have a successful relationship. While working on a plan, it occurred to me with the 3 Keys to a successful relationship.

These three things are essential in any relationship and if you can focus and fix these things, you should have no problem in saving your relationship quickly. Let’s see:

1. Communication is one of the keys to a successful relationship.

A relationship without communication is like a bird without wings … one bird is going to go anywhere … You must learn to communicate in the right way, this step is crucial in any relationship. By having arguments, you can not focus on the mistakes of your partner, you’re going to focus on how to how you feel about what he or she does.

Instead of saying, «You never want to do anything in the house! And make a mess of little or nothing» about saying this, «I feel very frustrated and tired because I have to spend so much time doing housecleaning.»

This last sentence in fact is much less aggressive and makes him or her look and her point of view without fear and without making messes.

You should never ever, but playing the blame game and do not be afraid to admit your mistakes when you’re wrong … certainly this if you will do wonders for your relationship, boyfriends or lovers.

2. The commitment.

A relationship is a two way street. You can not wait for everything to follow a single path. They are together in this relationship and both have needs that must be met. Learn to give and receive. Try to do some things that your partner wants you to do and he or she will return the favor!

You must remember that they are two different people. If you agree on things is really excellent! The key is finding the middle ground between the two and a solution in which they are both agree.

The stubbornness and selfishness in fact kill a relationship quickly and before you know it, your relationship will deteriorate.

3. Creativity is key to a successful relationship.

It is very easy to get caught in the same old thing day after day. After being in a relationship for a while, things are not as exciting as before. If you keep doing the same things all the time, things are going to get boring and people tend to look for other ways to meet their needs.

Search spice things up occasionally. Surprise your partner with something you know she likes. Comprale flowers just to make her feel good. Take a vacation to somewhere you have always wanted to go. Do something spontaneous and unexpected occasionally.

You are little things, in fact kept alive the fire and passion in a relationship and this is probably the best thing you can do to help save your relationship or have a successful relationship.

Doing this will take you back to that honeymoon phase where everything was new and exciting!

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