Text Messages To Send Your Ex (3 Texts To Get Your Ex Back)

Examples and sample text messages to send to your ex if you want to get them back. Use these text messages to get your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend to start thinking about you and second guess their decision to break up with you.

Why texting? Texting is a great way to talk to your ex after the breakup because, for starters, it gives you time to plan your messages and replies. Also, it doesn’t seem as desperate or needy as phone calls or in-person encounters. Finally, it doesn’t pressure your ex to respond.

Warning! You can’t just send these text messages if you’re not ready… if your ex isn’t in the right frame of mind… you have to do several things first. Go to www.BreakupBrad.com to find out more about this. If you send these texts before you’re ready, your ex won’t be receptive and it could actually do more damage than good.

What should you NOT text your ex? There’s tons of bad things you can text your ex, but the worst is the «Pointless» text, which is boring stuff like «hey» and «whats up». Also, don’t bring up any drama or get into arguments… no anger, no conflict, no depression, no emotion… just send your ex positive text messages.

What about some good text messages to send your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend?

1. «Shared Memory Text» – bring up a positive shared memory that you and your ex enjoyed together.

2. «The Question Text» — sending a message that asks a question (ideally a question that references a happy memory) to get your ex thinking about you and generate a response from your ex.

3. «The Supportive Text» — a message that reminds your ex of something you did regularly for your ex during your relationship that your ex really liked and appreciated, ie. helping them study for exams.

Again, don’t send these messages until you’ve built some rapport with your ex so that he or she will be receptive to these texts.


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