Technique to conquer nice and attractive women

Men sometimes know what attracts women from the men us is complicated because we try thinking of the wrong way what is attracted to women from men is simple and as knowledge linked to a woman, then: tricks to attract women…

When a type is him approaching an attractive girl the tells him: you can buy a drink?

The thought of this being friendly and doing something nice but she sees this as something typical and rutinario…

She went away from the your you are the third type of today!

She is especially good by doing this, she does not lose his time with none of these types, sometimes frequently happen that she accepted the drink after beat the guy who I invite this drink.

When she accepts a drink yo

seducir mujeres atractivas

u normally this by saying: I don’t know and would not give a weight for you, you are only one of those more.

The hot girls are great despeciando types, the contempt for them is vital, you should insult them already are accustomed to all the idiots who did not deal with it are peeled and louts, so this is not a good technique to learn how to link to a beautiful woman.

As conquer and seduce beautiful women depends on much of this simple but powerful technique:

Do that a woman wears conspicuously if you don’t want to call your attention? Note If you for example brings long nails and despreciala amicably:

1. Beautiful nails! are they fake? Oh good look well anyway
2 You have eyes in a bad mood
3 Hello I’m talking about waiting your turn
4 wait lol you am showing photos to it, not you wait please
5 Blink you much
6. This is a wig oh well looks nice anyway

Personalities who attracts women, mainly to the hot, are that demonstrate them (at first) a desinteres towards them, because they are accustomed to rate trying them to address with compliments, them are openly trying to bind her, your instead approach with caution unnoticed.

Is this for them different… what? that is not same… is challenging, is the first that does not try to do this… etc.


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