Switches of attraction (part I)

I start to write my first post…… in the blog……

Exploring on the ways of relating between men and women arise several concerns one is. THAT we can learn for improvement our relationship with A woman?… several aspects…. but it begins with one in especial……. THE ATRACCION………

The attraction according to the dictionary is thing or person that causes interest, curiosity, friendship or preference in favor (in short)

But the attraction that I want to share is that happens between men and women…

«The attraction is not an option» (not be choose)

There is a certain numbers of «switches of attraction» that are naturally activated in sexual selection of every man and woman»»

As men we know what these switches and work to be able to turn on them at will:


The value that they are looking for is the survival and reproduction, good genes but it should be noted that you 20% of the switches responds to the values of reproduction and 80% respond to its survival value will feel more attracted to a man who is economically independent than another man who is not


You must have goals in life and goals, motivation to achieve your purposes

-Security and trust

Show you that it is safe to your side and that you can rely on you not only means that you should be able to protect her physically if not not going to damage their social status. Also that you have confidence, you have to trust it.

-Be award

So it could be summarized in being a man of truth, means that you must not pretend but internalize assimilate attitudes Alpha: leadership, security in yourself, authority, control, popularity.

Here is where the social value is important if your social value is high many women will feel attraction of wanting to be with you.

-Depth and mystery

Not be so frivolous and superficial, have something interesting to say, keep your own opinions and points of view.

You need to be as a riddle that she wishes to resolve, not showing everything you’re not very transparent.

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