Still I Have A Chance To Get My Ex?

Still I Have A Chance To Get My Ex? I have a chance yet to get my ex?

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One of the most common questions I get is:

«My story is the ______________ (this is where all the sordid details and painful). Still I have a chance or is it useless?»

Have you ever wondered this? I know I did.

I also know that this goes beyond the situation with your ex. It applies to every part of our lives, right? When things go wrong (and how often this happens:) what do we do?

As people have a psychological need to feel rooted and exercise our personal power.

This does not mean anything freaky as being more powerful than others, or intimidation of persons. What it means is that we have to feel like they have some control over our own lives.

One of the most devastating things about a breakup is the loss of the sense of power. The choice of our happiness feels like it has been taken from us. That is devastating to our state of being.

Does this make sense? Have you ever felt this way?

If so, I have some good news. You can change this feeling to change the way of looking at the situation. Or, to put it another way, to change the way of interpreting it. What this will allow you to feel better and be stronger, safer and happier than it would have been otherwise.

Here is the first step: the way we interpret a situation has to do with how you feel about it.

Occurs especially after a break, we think our ex’s not thinking about us at all, they are moving, and happy with life without us. This is devastating for our welfare.

Well, who says that they are moving and happy with life? You do. You’re the only one saying that. You are saying to yourself. Is it possible that you could say something different? If you are saying something that makes you feel like crap, would you be willing to say something different that will make you feel better?

If you are not willing to try, then you are obviously dedicated to being miserable. If they are willing to try something that can make you feel better, you are choosing (for whatever reason) to be sad. And being sad is not as fun as being happy. It is easier, but not as fun.

Well, what can be thought of instead? Think about it: «My ex is sad and lost because we had some good times and share a deep emotion may seem to be doing better, but is only an act are a better actor than me, but not least .. the pain.»

What this does for you is very deep.

It allows you to feel loved. To feel a sense of power again. Imagine if you were to believe the above statement were true. Do not you feel stronger, safer and more secure way forward? Do not you feel like you have more options than waiting for people to call, text or ask you out? Do not feel like the deepest needs we have (to be loved, to have some sense of control over our own lives) would be more satisfied?


Now listen, if you’re still reading this, it is obvious that you are a person who takes steps to create your happiness. Here’s what to do next:

Go to my site and my book. You will be able to download immediately, get a copy of the live teleseminar I did with more than 100 people. We did an enormous amount of Q & A and covered a variety of topics. This will be a confidence building.

Confidence is contagious, right? You’ve been around people who are confident, right? It is not arrogant, but confident. Confidence in yourself and your strengths. How do you feel?


Come here a few:

Until next time,


By the way, I have a lot of emails from people who want an idea of your situation. Here’s my idea: start with the course. If you have questions after that, I will help. But you have to take a step to improve things first. Because your life is going to create:)

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