Stages of Relationship By all couples spend

Stages of Relationship By all couples spendCouples go through five different stages along their relationship. First, enter the romantic phase in which all that are positive about their partners. It is characterized by daydreaming and fantasíar, and the intense emotions of the relationship.

The couple sees everything in your relationship is amazing and beautiful. They spend much time together, and are excited to learn new things from each other. Butterflies in the stomach and the overwhelming sense of joy are very common at this stage.

Stages of the second relationship

While the couple moves forward toward the stage of struggle for power, are now able to see each other’s weaknesses, causing misunderstandings to settle in the relationship. This phase is characterized by the development of distance from each other, giving both parties time to calm down and breathe. The couples will now try to ask themselves, «I am the right one for him / her?» Or, «Am I making the right decision?»

They tend to question his decisions, thinking that perhaps this is not the kind of relationship they want. However, couples are spending time together, but not as often as before. There are two things that can occur during this stage of the relationship: first, the couple may decide to resolve the problem and move on talking about things, understand each other’s differences and think they’re meant for each other.

Second, the option to terminate the relationship and find another suitable partner. This is an important stage in the relationship and that couples need to know. This is a normal process in a relationship, and should not be attributed to differences in the personalities of the couple.

The challenges in the stages of the relationship

Couples going through a lot of challenges in the stage of the power struggles that can strengthen your relationship. As they move to the third phase, which is stability, now beginning to realize that the fights and misunderstandings are part of a healthy relationship.

Both partners come from different families and were exposed to different types of backgrounds and personalities. Therefore, we expect that one way or another, misunderstandings and annoyances that arise in dealing with their attitudes are understandable.

After a few months or years after this stage, we proceed to the commitment stage where they see their partners as more than colleagues, and indeed as a part of themselves. When colleagues are depressed also feel sad, and when their partners are happy to share the joy.

This is the stage where couples think about their lovers before doing anything that might harm them. The reason for this is because they fear getting caught, but because they are able to revive the feelings of their partners.

Jan confidence has strengthened sta stage

A lot of trust has been built at this stage, and can not afford to make a mistake that could break. Finally, every relationship should want to reach the stage of co-creation. This stage is to go beyond the relationship to enter a stage called marriage and family.

However, the relationships are not perfect, you can move from one stage and then back to an earlier stage. After reading this article, take a moment to assess where your current relationship or to reflect on an earlier one.

Have you matured in the way you manage your relationships, or do you still get trapped into thinking that relationships are all about fantasy? Many people mistakenly believe that when the butterflies disappear the relationship has lost its value, but in many cases, is when the real magic begins.

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