Should You Remain Friends With Your Ex After Breaking Up?

Remain Friends With Your Ex

All we have ever been there. We know what is best. We were not meant to be together. We had our best chance. Even if they both agree to end the relationship is best, a strong desire to be not disappear.

Spend a couple of weeks, then you get to talk to someone or read an article on the Internet and you start thinking «I have to tell my ex !, sense this, that came together because they had similar interests, the same sense of humor, the same perspective, over time the hurtful things are in the past, and focus on the happy times ..

Then you should maintain friendship with your ex?

So what will happen if you try to keep the «friendship» with your ex? These five questions can help you determine if it’s worth trying to maintain a friendship with your ex after breaking up, or whether to put an end forever.

1. Your ex was a kind person you ?: basically was considerate and courteous to others, including strangers, friends and family? Honest goodness is a good indicator of potential friendships.

2. Would you safe or secure in the relationship feel? Was there any abuse (verbal, emotional, physical?) If so, that’s not a friend who you need in your life.

3. Did the pattern of breaking the relationship and return? If so, try to be friends with each other will probably only take you back to having a romantic relationship. Ask yourself if that’s really what you want.

4. Did they have friends or outside interests? Ask yourself honestly if you’re looking for your ex to fill the void that was left by the end of the relationship. If the answer is yes, then it is best that you focus on exploring new activities.

You must remain friends with your ex after breaking up? Continue with question number five.

5. Do you think they can be just friends, or one of you has a secret desire to rekindle the relationship? If what you want is to maintain the friendship, you have to give yourself time to overcome the romantic part, before attempting to continue the mistad.

If you really crave what you had when you were with your ex, then you need to be really honest with yourself and with your former partner. Otherwise, you could be setting a goal only to cause damage.

Breaking up is never easy, but time and distance are the best allies to heal everything. If you and your ex are mature enough and have enough in common beyond love, there is a good chance of maintaining friendship with your ex.

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