Should I Remove My Ex After The Breakup Of Facebook?

Should I Remove My Ex After The Breakup Of Facebook?This is a question many people is to end up with your partner. Should I delete my facebook ex after the break?.

Delete your ex’s Facebook is a step that is not taken lightly, especially if you want any kind of relationship with your ex in the future.

Possibly the relationship ended badly and the first thing you thought was deleting (a) as a result of the strong emotions that are generated after a break. So what to do ?.

Allow to «calm the waters.»

The first thing to do before you decide to remove your ex’s Facebook is letting time pass, «calm the waters», «the dust settles.»

When you are completely calm (a), you have clearer ideas about how to proceed. Perhaps the last thing you want is to give your ex understand that there is hope for them.

Time to make the right decision is needed, think carefully if you want to have your ex as a friend (a) on Facebook and then not lament for having (a) removed.

The benefits of keeping your ex as a friend on Facebook.

If your desire is to maintain any kind of relationship with your ex in the future, then Facebook will be a very good tool.

It’s easy to enter the page of your ex and see what you are doing at any time you want.

You can also find out how he is by going after the break, which publishes photographs sharing, nights out with friends etc.

You would not be able to know all this in another way, unless you asked directly to your ex or your friends and if so, he would realize that (a) keep looking.

If you keep your ex as a friend on Facebook, you will be very últil if you want to recover (a) in the future. You always still hopes to return to his ex, especially if still (a) love.

Facebook is a valuable and powerful tool for your ex partner know what you’re doing, how you’re going after the break without you tell him directly.

If you make changes in your life, you share images indicating that you’re happy and you move on with your life despite the break, you show a much more attractive attitude, etc … your ex will realize «new you» and begin to question the break up.

You can use Facebook in many ways to attract your ex, that account is to let go of what. Which would succeed do not, if you make the decision to eliminate (a).

The benefits of eliminating your ex’s facebook.

Every situation is different, not everyone wants to return to her ex. Perhaps your ex did much damage and the last thing you want to keep any relationship with him (or her)

If your ex hurt you, did unforgivable things and want out of your life, then it is advisable to remove it from your facebook. Your ex does not need to know more about your life, you do, with whom talks or you share.

If you find yourself in this situation and decide to kill your ex, you may have many emotional benefits. At first it will be difficult to completely lose contact with your ex and have no idea what you are doing.

Not knowing anything about him, of what you share on Facebook, what you do after the break, will protect you from more pain. Keep your ex further away from you what is often the only option to forget quickly.

By removing your ex you will not have to look your wall every day and whine about the fact that it is no longer in your life. You do not have to read everything he (she) or public comments that he (she) makes or photos that he (she) shares on their «fun night.»

By removing your ex will prevent you from getting a fool (a), indicate that trend you like your comment, photo or put a message if you’re past (a) of glasses. It’s incomparably seem a (a) desperate (a) or stalker (a).

Another important aspect to remove your ex from Facebook is that you send a very clear message: You do not need him (her) in your life. You will take the reins of the situation, you will feel much better and have a better vision of your future.

Note that in some cases, when you delete your ex from facebook, is he (she) who contacts you by mail, telephone or through their friends to ask why you deleted it. This will show that your ex still has feelings for you and be a point in your favor if you want to retrieve it in the future (a).


The decision is yours.

As you can see, the decision to remove or not your ex after the breakup facebook depend on the plan you have for the future.

If your desire is to recover (a), then you should keep as a contact in Facebook, it will be a very useful tool that can help you in the process of recovering (a).

Before attempting to do anything to get your ex through Facebook is important to know the mistakes to avoid, the way to go to recover, design a strategy.

Remember that Facebook is just a tool, if the badly use, rather than lure (a) what (a) ahuyentarás and will he (she) who remove you from your Facebook.

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