She says she does not know if you want to follow me, How I can get my woman at this point?

How I can get my woman Hello, good morning,

I would like first of all congratulate you on the course and manuals on how to get your ex-wife, the advice he gives are very good and the truth is that I now understand much better the reasons that took my wife to let me and the mistakes I made thinking I was doing the right thing. Luckily now I’m starting to take a course more correct.

How to get your woman

Specifically I am writing because I need advice: I’m sure she will contact me in the coming days because it is alone in the city (Barcelona) and do not know anyone.

If you let me tell you a little context, I comment that left me two months ago, two weeks after we met and had sex. The next day however tells me that meant nothing and that still does not want to see me again, who wants to be alone, you need to think and all that stuff.

After a few weeks later I called to tell me if I wanted to eat with it, I agree, and after spending an interesting day’s attempt to kiss, and she leaves. When we’re laying off she tells me that if I want I can continue to consider me your partner.

When I look for three days, is very cold, very rare, I ask him what happened and tells me to forgive her, she is confused, he wants to be alone and that should never say what I said. In the next few days I contacted because she is alone in the city. Since that day we have not seen since.

What I can do in a situation like this? Can I recover my girlfriend yet?

Thank A.E.

Dear A.E.

The fact that she is alone in the city is a good opportunity for you. I do not think there are many difficulties to win back the girl if you give the right moves. Even taking into account the number of errors that come from repeating the past and make her reactions to those behaviors that you qualify to strangers but they are the most natural response to your actions.

What are some of these mistakes? Too available for her show, into believing that you can accept or reject whenever she wants. In intimate relationships need a bit of insecurity, there is a feeling that you have to look after the other because otherwise you might lose it. As I assumed, do not value. Try to become a bit interesting and mysterious. He wants what is not there, remember.

These errors are never alone, often accompanied by other behavior that is irrelevant to develop here, but if you reread the manual to locate and fix. If you need to know how to win back your partner need to act accordingly.

In your case, this means that when she calls you, answer it briefly in those days have much to do and you can not. Do not give explanations and if she asks you the answer him with an excuse and go on a tangent.

Let in the following days is she who will call or send you messages, showing signs of life. Hold for a few days this response protocol: you’d like to see her but later will warn you now because you’re pretty busy.

Some days you will have it acting like a pushy attitude and wanting to see you. As seen in this relationship she was very dominant so it will be used to be to do what she wants, when you give it excuses, she will have more and more eager to do his will, ie see you!

At this point, stays with her, but do not give away, you are not an object that she can have, no more, now you decide how much you give away your time, which is very valuable indeed, the earlier you do know and she understands, the higher your value in the face of this girl and other women you know. Stop occasionally calls unanswered, every so often respond to their messages but late.


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