She hates me, so I can recover it Still?

She hates me, so I can recover it StillIt’s never easy trying to get your ex-girlfriend and have her back especially when she hates you. However, this does not mean it’s impossible to do so. Hate is not the absence of love, but it is a different way of putting it. So now you know she still loves you and you have to do is make you feel you deserve to get back together. Now if you’re really determined to get it back, even if she hates you now, then I say a few things to do.

Give her the space she needs

If you’re planning to talk to her and explain your side she will forgive you, then definitely you are very wrong. Resume communication immediately after a breakup is never the best. Often, only make things worse than it already is. Emotions are high and are both angered by what they speak only will make you feel bad, even more than they already are. Just give it a rest and a time to think things through.

Do not listen to the top

This may seem strange, but to ignore it after the break certainly benefited them both. Do not get into contact with it in any form and not pay any attention. One of the reasons why I hate is that she feels stifled by what happened. Giving time and space you need, without any disturbance will allow you to think clearly about what happened and eliminate everything that happened.

Turn your dedication in you

Take this time to focus on yourself instead of your ex-girlfriend. Just out of a relationship and always come with stress. You need to regain your self esteem and shake yourself from the effects of the rupture. Think about what caused and what you can do to fix it. Focus on the things you can control all your attitude and everything starts to change for the better.

Live your life normally

It is important to never let your ex know that you’re miserable without it. This does not mean that you are, but you should not show. Hasle know you’re okay with the way things are. Try to spend time with your friends and family as you normally would. When she realizes that you’re not being a loser can gradually hate you less and will open a way to resume communication.

Make new friends

Making new friends is a sign that you are getting on with your life. Although this is not really the case and so want to get your ex-girlfriend, let her know you’re ready to move on can be a positive thing. Just do not make your ex-girlfriend thinks you’re dating someone in the process of making new friends. Cause jealousy is never a good way to attract again. Just keep the love of your life and she will see your importance in his.

Getting your ex-girlfriend is back up with you, even if she hates you is never impossible. Just know when to act and when not. Try taking these steps and you could only get it back.

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