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Why he isn't texting you back!?

Why your multiple texts are killing the attraction?

Why she got so upset with your last text?

Why he is so sexual in his texts?

How to have her text you back right away?

How to have him ask you out with only a couple of texts?

How to safely flirt with the greatest results?

How to have her waiting for your text rather than the opposite???
Why normal conversation and texting are NOT the same

Drive them nuts — Responding by not Responding

Why you should NEVER send Dirty Stuff

No Pulling Punches! Hit them in the face and don't flinch

The Beauty of Challenge and why they will want you

The Hook, the most effective way to get them to respond

Using, but not responding to jealousy

Keep your power and always be the First to Exit the Conversation

Being funny and Purposely Misunderstanding

Rescuing that relationship you destroyed with one text!
I want to have sex with a guy friend of mine, can I send him a photo to turn him on??

Ugh! I don't know what to do! I don't want to tell him "Hey can you text me please?" I don't want to sound all desperate and needy.

I said, "You're a dirty perverted jackass, I'm never speaking to you again." Now I want him to talk to me and he won't. What should I do?

Like, do you guys think about what you type or do you guys just send & do you guys take forever to text back on purpose?

The audio is very raw but I think you will laugh and learn.You just got this really sexy girl's number and you drop her a line, "Hey gorgeous so nice to meet you" but you get no response back. So you send another one the next day, "Hey, you busy next weekend?" but no response. What the hell just happened? Why didn't she get back to me?? Not only can I help you salvage the situation I can help you never to repeat this blunder again!

So Katie really likes this guy but she doesn't understand why he isn't texting her back. She has sent him three texts today already and he is only responding with one-liners like "great" or "fun". This is SOOO frustrating because only last week he was taking the initiative to contact her, he was doing 90% of the texting! What the hell happened? This is pretty classic and fixing this situation is pretty easy, let me explain to you the how and why behind this!

You really really are into this girl but she doesn't seem to be too keen to talk on the phone. She texts you back but you can tell she isn't as into you. You feel like maybe it was something you said before? or something you texted? You already were physically involved but she just doesn't seem to be reciprocating the attraction… What the hell do I do?? This is one of the coolest things about texting, you can experiment with a lot of the dating strategies I teach, something that is so hard to do for the first time in person. Attraction is not far away!

You are super annoyed with the fact that he keeps sending you texts like, "What color are your panties" or "Send me a sexy picture of yourself!" Shit! What is wrong with him?? Why won't he at least ask me out on a fucking date before he demands to see the goods. I like this guy, I think he is cute but the idea of sending dirty pictures just feels wrong to me. I can teach you to bump his sexual obsession to relationship curiosity, you can totally change his thinking NOW.

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