Seduction Techniques

Seduction Techniques For Men and Women

Seduction Techniques

Seduction techniques is an art and like all art, seduction is learned and developed. Although for many it is an innate gift, today we tell you details that may be interesting for both men and women.

Some people think that the art of seduction is only a complement, because everything depends on the physical, not on being beautiful or ugly people, but on the physical attraction between them;

Other people consider that everything depends on the lip with which one is presented to the person that interests him and how he can play with it; The most romantic consider that no matter the physical or the labia because when you find that person does not need more words.

Be that as it may, we relate in a different way to the people who attract us and although we are sometimes not aware, yes seduction strategies are brought into play to get their attention and / or to maintain it.

Seduction techniques, How to seduce a woman?

Many women are attracted to men of large dimensions, is what some have called the «Hulk technique,» the fact that you can offer them a comfortable arms and chest in which to guard can become a great advantage because the feeling that Is offered is security and protection.

Many men believe that one of the best techniques to seduce a woman is to approach her and become her best friend.

Probably, sometimes this takes effect but also many men consider that this type of technique is not only a risk but is bound to fail, «if he sees you as a friend, he does not see you as nothing else.»

What do you think about the depressed technique? Approaching a woman and tell her your sorrows may be an aphrodisiac for some, as they will want to take care of you and pamper you, but for other women it may turn out completely the opposite and turn off your desire, they can hear you but nothing else.

Self-confidence can be one of the best incentives. Eye, it is not to be an arrogant one who goes giving flowers in each sentence that exchanges, but to know that one has its strengths, has something to offer others and her, knows who is and likes.

Although in adolescence being intelligent and a «nerd» may not be something attractive, in adult life intelligence and culture are qualities that attract attention. Many women want their men to have a «bad boy» point but also that they can offer him something else, that they can impress.

Although many think that chivalry has gone out of fashion is something that surprises all women, the vast majority in a positive way and if it is negative, you are also getting unforgettable because there are few who remember to have that type Of details today.

Humor and laughter are one of the most sought after qualities, consciously or unconsciously, in a couple. Newspapers are full of sad news, nobody wants to add more sadness to their lives but everyone wants to be able to laugh, have fun and forget about everything with someone. Knowing how to make a person laugh and laugh at their jokes is an extraordinary incentive.

Seduction techniques, How to seduce a man?

Most men are attracted to women who take care in every sense of the word. We speak of self-respect, trust and security, that devote time to their image. We are not talking about thinness but looking after the image that is transmitted, empowering those parts of yourself that you like from the physical aspects like your qualities and abilities.

Femininity is a weapon of seduction by itself as well as confidence and security, are aspects that can not be missed. A woman who is sure of herself to others and especially to that person who attracts you, is much more attractive than that doubt.

On the other hand, we also find the other side of the coin, there are men who are attracted by shyness and insecurity in a woman, they like to be the ones who dominate the situation.

«The easy thing is boring» A phrase that seems unforgettable and is that for many men it is necessary for the woman to be a challenge to attract your attention, so that making you difficult may be one more point to add to your attractive but eye, There is a point where the difficult becomes tiresome and not all men are governed by the same.

Women like the masculine scent of man, many do not need to use cologne or perfume because their own smell can become the best sexapil but many men enjoy the perfume of women.

Find the perfume or the smell that defines you, that with which make a man crazy so that whenever he sniffs it becomes a permanent memory of yourself.

Self-confidence can be your best weapon. Recognize the beauty in you, potentiate it and feel powerful, sexy, nothing better than knowing how much you are worth so that others also want to discover it.

Seduction techniques for men and women.

There are still many more strategies to name but the fact that there are so many possible seduction techniques tells us that every woman and every man is attracted to a particular type of person and that there is no magic wand of seduction, nor If for those attractive people who dominate this art because they will always find the exception.

Based on all this, we could say that both men and women usually like the mystery in relationships, have before them an enigma that they can gradually discover and with luck, each of these discoveries will be a small incentive to feel More attracted to the other person. eye! As mentioned before, a little mystery can be exciting, but much can be confused with difficulties to relate and show themselves to others.

Many people are attracted to those who are unreachable and distant, that could be in those first moments of the game, because you have to keep in mind that you are looking for an intimate approach with a person and the distance ends up being a problem and Not something suggestive. It is essential to make the other person feel like someone important, someone necessary.

Some adjectives that you can add to your seduction arts are persistence, being careful, being attentive to the small and great details of what counts or what you do and then letting you know that you are stuck, knowing how to flutter and maintaining uncertainty can be a Delicious game but you also have to find the time to stop to move to the next level.

Happiness attracts others because everyone wants to reach it, look for the optimism within you and make it your way of life, learn to smile and laugh at things because there is nothing more attractive than that.

Nonverbal communication is a perfect weapon is a seduction techniques to seduce someone, we have done some articles about it that we recommend you read to find out that a look can be the most suggestive before what you can find, a smile, bite your lower lip, gestures , A naive or unconscious caress, etc.

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