Reverse Psychology To Win Back Your Ex

Reverse Psychology To Win Back Your Ex

Let’s just start with the basics of reverse psychology.

The person who moves to another always expect the reaction of the person who left , mourn , pray and beg to stay. But what happens when this person does not?.

At this time we will use the example of Juan Julia left because I was tired of picking up your socks from the floor of the living room, he was already at the top.

How to get your ex back with reverse psychology..

When Julia left, she hoped her life much easier and happier. She in fact loved John , but she just could not handle the attitude of a vagabond. She was not your mother or maid to pass it by ordering their disorders!

John on the other hand was very passive. He definitely also loved Julia , but also wanted to be happy.

So instead of sitting on the couch with her ​​underwear , feeling sorry for himself and the choking feeling because she was not there (this is what Julia thought she was going to do), called one of his friends to have a few beers.

He never lost confidence in himself because he was passive. He came with his friend, took a few beers, you can play pool and then went home.

Julia received a call from one of her friends. This friend told him about your night out in great detail. Then she began to wonder if he missed. She began to worry if he was taking care of himself.

It certainly was not what I had expected.

The point I ‘m trying to explain here is very SIMPLE. Love yourself before you love someone else. The simple fact of feeling comfortable within yourself as to be passive.

You can still show it to someone you care a lot, but not as much as yourself. It is the surprise with the gift of self confidence. Maybe you can be a bum, but that does not mean you are not worthy of someone.

Explore the possibility of love to get your ex back.

Maybe Julia forgetting why she and John were united. He completely forgot that some colony drove her crazy every time approached. He had forgotten the way his eyes sparkle when he laughed. Maybe Julia just needed a reminder of why she loved John.

Not all people are destined to be together. In fact, about 50 % of couples get back together ever really adelnate continue. However, if you require your Juan this in your life, you should consider the following:

1. You should put on hold anguish and works in your own problems. Advancing the goals and daily tasks. You can not stop living just because your heart is broken.

2. Do not do anything you will regret later. Do not lie in wait, call envies you drunk or texting , not talking to your children or friends of your ex.

3. Understand what it really means to love and be loved. Without trust, honesty and mutual respect there is no love.

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