Retrieve your partner – 7 tips to win back your partner

If your former you left and you don’t know what to do to recover your partner, stay here and read the following tips. Many of the relationships can be fixed, but should be taken into account need for acts with the head and not so much with the emotions, despite going through a very difficult time. Then read 7 tips to help you a lot in order to recover your partner.

So you’re ready or ready to implement several of the most effective methods to win back your ex? Many call these tips «The 7 steps of gold» to retrieve your partner. Some of these steps are easier than others, but perform a combination of some of them can help you much.

Some of these steps you may seem strange or very simple, but real-life work. Many experts have tried this over the years as an effective solution to attract to your ex back. So if you really want to put them into practice here they are:

Step # 1: ignore at your former

The first and most important thing that you should do after a split is forget and let go. It is very difficult to forget all the memories that you spent with your ex, but it is necessary to take this step. Ignore and not to communicate with your ex is essential if you want to recover it or get it back. It is human nature to want what we have. This will automatically make your lover to be surprised and you want to return.

Step # 2: focusing you on you

This process is to organize your life and your mind. Think about you first. If you have children to look after do it but do not forget you. Do all the things you wanted to do but that perhaps you were not able when you were in the relationship with your ex. Do what you wanted to do in your life. Enjoy some new hobbies, spend time with your friends, salt and have fun. All this is going to keep your mind and your heart fully occupied and thus you will decrease your suffering. To see your ex this behaviour of yours is going to think that you have a happier life without him or her. This induces a feeling of doubt in his mind and makes him think that perhaps the blame for the breakdown was him / her. This is the first win for you.

Step # 3: when you’re happy with you, contact your former

It is now time to show you. Once you’re good with yourself your next step is to contact your ex, although this is not generally necessary because at this point your former probably already you contacted. This must be done carefully in such a way that does not show you to your former you need / to see it / to. The contact should be preferably with a phone call. You must have a plan for the call and for this you must learn many things.

Step # 4: make sure you forgive and forget

You have to concentrate well in this part. You need to be polite and not criticize nor claim absolutely nothing. Here is the time when the maturity comes into play. Without correct your behaviour it makes no sense in your former partner blame. To communicate and meet your former must act as if neither of them has committed no error or anything bad. This will make your partner think much about you.

Step # 5: do not unto obligation by guilt

Look, we all do things that we are not proud. However, make sure that you are not trying to recover your partner for the sole reason for undoing a mistake. You can amend without having to get romantically involved again with that person. Nor let them make you feel guilty or feel that you must rescue them. Recover your partner love and nothing else.

Step # 6: motivation, you do not sofoques.

If you don’t come back with your partner for any reason, at least motivate to also be a better person. Tell them that you are happy for him / her and then back to your life. You not sofoques, not pressure, you did not acoses. Don’t try to change them to the force. All these actions you outpace your ex, you’re not going to win him back.

Step # 7: be smart in how handle the situation

You must have a strategic plan to guide you on your way to win back your ex. Plan all first of all because without a plan you will not be able to run things well

If you want to know more on the subject and learn exactly how to recover your partner, then Join here as I prepared a video and a guide for you with many secrets and unconventional methods to win back your ex.

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