Really Loves Me? – How to Get Your Man

How to Get Your Man

The question is Do men really know love? It is likely that you ask that question again and again because you realize that your man is not the same man you fell in love.

And that attitude makes you think, will he still love me, will he perhaps is deceiving me, what am I doing or causing this ?. Well I mean, you’re not alone and if you act now you can save your relationship and get your man.

How to get your man …

I support him.

Try by all means support your man in everything he does. But if you feel like he is not just trying to work on the relationship must not refuse, try to support your ideas, so make a few changes here and there.

You must believe in him and make him feel like a hero. You must value your opinion and your confidence wishing only the best for him. If you do, you’ll never have to worry about losing it or ask what men really want.

Talk to your man.

Maybe you realized that he did not express much as before. All he does now is watch TV and then go straight to bed or tell you you’re always tired. Create a topic to discuss, ask about their work and how it went on.

How was your day today?
What did you find interesting about your work?
Did you have a nice day?

For example, if your man is case police ask him what he was working today or if you drive a bus / cab ask him how was the traffic today, there was an accident on the road and stuff. This way you’re going to show you care about your work.

Women seduce the man?

There is nothing wrong in seducing your man. In fact men like to be seduced by their wives. Wear something sexy panties and act as wildly. When you’re making love with him is a bit harsh, I bite it, put your tongue in her eyes, only wild.

Believe me when I tell you that men like wild sex and that’s why they seek out prostitutes. Do not be shy and stop acting like an old woman, after all he is your man. This is the same reason that men like to go to strip clubs.

A little more attention if you want to get your man.

If you do not give your man’s attention when he’s trying to tell you about something that might not have any interest to you, you probably do the same for you when it happens.

Women like to be heard and also men. This is a discussion and not just answer him saying yes, no, okay, I see, maybe, etc etc. You must make him feel like you want to know more.

So let’s go over these tips on how to get your man again.

Give your full support.
I Seduce.
Talk to him.
Give your attention.

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