Problems of partner – what to do when your partner starts to be a problem

Relationships should be a space for performance and growth for people, should be a source from where each one is filled to their happiness and personal development, or that your partner should not be cause of concerns, concerns, and in the worst cases of suffering and anguish.
A question that arises at the suffering caused by relationships of couples not well-targeted is: How can happen that two people that they joined freely with the desire to be happy? How it came to this situation? It is like going to a party and go wrong. If one is wrong in a wake is understandable but at a party being badly? A relationship should be a party, and even if it is a common occurrence is unacceptable to be wrong in a relationship. What to do in these cases?

Couple problems it is important to distinguish what can I do with myself / a and second what you can do with your partner and finally what they can do.
The first job is with yourself and this is what do the majority of the people; for this reason the problems persist. Who is this work with himself? We could describe in detail various points:

• Regardless of what happens is important to achieve personal well-being. This implies the ability to maintain a calm, stable emotional state. You’re not going to wait for the other change to make you feel good you as every person has the capacity and the power to be well, at the present time. This tries to take away from the situation and not internalices, you can be well, search for well-being and leisure spaces, manages to free yourself from dependence on your partner. This is important.
• Be United by the love is not dependent on another, I’d say that love makes you free. The other is selfishness. Selfishness creates emotional dependencies. This freedom is achieved by working with itself, is a maturation process that you have to do.
• When your partner is not a necessity for you’ll be able to form a successful pair. Seems paradoxical but is, as many couples fail, because they are formed by two shortcomings seeking mutually satisfying and the result is an enhanced deficiency is why I say that what you should do is to grow you and the rest will come in addition.

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In short: the couple problems are overcome through a comprehensive education of the person carrying it to an internal change and her train to interact with itself and with others. There is no magic way of solution.
Then we need to do something with your partner. At this point we could point out the following:
• Communication. If there is a way of solution to every crisis of couple, this is dialogue, without dialogue nothing is solved.
• Dialogue not imposing your opinion but listening, understanding the other and looking for an outlet to make them happy to both.
• Dialogue is to think of a two, it is to build a single thought between the two and this requires openness and availability of listening.
• Be dialogue is a sign that there is the desire to improve the situation is for this reason that you must evaluate a lot.
• If he worked first with himself will be the conditions so that this dialogue is successful because it requires a balanced emotional state.

There is a path of success in the relationship, if you did not is important stakeout time.


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