Powerful Solutions To Problems In Relationship

Solutions To Problems In Relationship

No doubt there is a new hope in the challenge couples to create the ideal relationship, or overcoming a relationship that is in crisis.

the question is What makes relationships succeed or fail? Why 60% of relationships fail and end, and the other 30 % have the satisfaction of at least one ? Why do we engage in this kind of relationship with so little thought or planning? Well the answer is quite simple.

Solutions to relationship problems…

Are your unconscious actions that take you to the relationship, and this happens on the basis of your false beliefs or unfounded. But unless you do something about it you will continue with the same behavior, make the same choices and making the same mistakes.

Your unconscious mind is programmed with your beliefs of life before the age of five years old at that time is when your mind is a sponge and has no ability to evaluate what they are saying or what you can see.

In those years we take the opinions and behaviors of those in authority over us, usually are our parents. Our unconscious mind develops all our beliefs and values ​​at the time and when the basis for most of our behavior is formed.

This is really important in relationships because your unconscious programs determine who you attract.

Your values ​​drive your behaviors and attitudes automatically, so unless you’re aware of these attitudes and you step in it you will end up involved in relationships that your unconscious believes are the relationships that you agree process.

Because the relationship with your parents is the basis of your belief system, double up the possibility that this relationship is very high. That can be a scary thought for you if you know your parents did not have a great relationship!

To help you create a great relationship is essential that you and your partner are at least 80 % of values ​​in common, and a significant level of tolerance or acceptance of beliefs and values ​​that do not share.

Anything less than this is what creates high levels of anxiety and anger in the relationship. The fewer shared values ​​are less likely to survive the relationship.

But still there is hope. Now that you understand the processes of belief and values. Thirty-five years of clinical work comprising the design and operation of the mind, shows us the way to understand how values ​​and beliefs are processed.

The natural progression of this is that you can design a relationship and find a partner who shares an actual high level of common values.

On the other hand, if you already live a relationship, and both are open to the process, it is possible to reprogram the beliefs and values ​​in a way that unconscious processes become automatic and consistent.

This means that some unconscious adjusting programs can now solve the relationships do not work very well today.

Certainly, many relationships are driven initially by that wonderful sexual attraction. But sexual attraction alone is not sufficient to create a relationship in time, and, indeed, many relationships can not rescue.

But if you start a relationship with a minimum of 40 to 50 % of common values ​​between them, any relationship can be salvaged and strengthened.

If you currently have no long-term stable relationship, think about the possibility of creating a perfect relationship – maybe even the allusive relation to your «soul mate». Makes your heart skip right?

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