Orgasm, a mystery to many men and women

To finish with this issue so controversial and that it will probably have multiple answers according to the experiences of each one of us, the truth is that you either scientifically, physiologically or culturally we find a number of coincidences with respect to the taboos that we have been raised, especially women. Factors these that have prevented many times that we will be able to fully enjoy our sexuality.

Between culture and our particular Anatomy, the orgasm is a moment that must be learnt and achieved, firstly, giving permission to feel it. Later, exploring the sensations.

The majority of women do not know what is an orgasm (anorgasmia total) not be has auto-estimulado ever. This proves that the pleasure in women requires a greater than that of the male learning process.

This statement does not exclude them them as comrades search, but, at the end and all, if the woman has her orgasm difficulties should be understood that he is known, alone or accompanied. If not, how are we going to guide our colleague in what we love if we ourselves do not know?


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