After a Loving Breakup

What You Should Not Do After a Loving Breakup

After a Loving Breakup

As difficult as it is to assume the rupture of a relationship and to face the duel, it is necessary to go ahead and not live your present with the memories of the past.

We tell you what not to do to make the separation less traumatic. With the passage of time you will feel much better.

What You Should Not Do After a Loving Breakup.

– Leave it in your contacts: The first and most important step after a breakup is to remove the character from everything, which means phone directory, social networks and any means of contact with that person.

Do not return letters, cards and in general any detail that at the time meant something valuable; If seeing these elements does you more harm, put them in secret, but do not give them back. You do not want to stand before him like a teenager.

– After a Loving Breakup NOT Use blackmail and manipulations: If your goal is to keep you on your side resort to blackmail or «moorings», such as not taking care of you sexually to become pregnant, it will not work.

Besides, you will end up suffering. Phrases like «If you let me kill myself» will not do either.

– Beg? Never!: If he no longer loves you, he left you for another or there are differences in the relationship that could never reconcile; It is best to let it go with dignity.

If you beg her not to leave you, the only thing you will achieve is to feel worse, because, besides having a broken heart, you yourself violated your dignity as a woman and he left.

– After a Loving Breakup not Make jealousy with another person: Does a nail get another nail? Not in this case. Give time to the time.

Heal your heart first and then prepare it to love again, but if what you do is throw yourself in the arms of the first that appears to you on the way, be aware that it is not the best option. It’s not fair to that new person or to yourself.

– «Stalkearlo»: Social networks are the worst invention when you end a relationship, because they are a way to keep in touch with what we resist to eliminate our life.

However, becoming a professional stalker or a hidden researcher on social networks will only make you aware of details you do not want to know.

– After a Loving Breakup not Try to know about him: Neither by his friends, nor through his family, nor in any way try to know what has happened to him or if he is dating another person, because this will only deepen the wound and will be an obstacle to remove it by Full of your mind, your heart and your life.

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